PhyloExpressionSetExample: An Example PhyloExpressionSet Data Set

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A standard PhyloExpressionSet is a data.frame consisting of a standardized sequence of columns to store the age information for each gene and its corresponding gene expression profile.

The standard is defined as follows:

Phylostratum | GeneID | Expression-level 1 | ... | Expression-level N


This dataset covers 7 developmental stages of Arabidopsis thaliana embryo development. The initial gene expression dataset was published by Xiang et al., 2011 (see references section) and was then used by Quint et al., 2012 (see references section) to assign evolutionary ages to each gene expression profile.


a standard PhyloExpressionSet object.


Hajk-Georg Drost



Quint M et al. 2012. "A transcriptomic hourglass in plant embryogenesis". Nature (490): 98-101. Supplementary Table 2 :

Xiang D et al. 2011. "Genome-Wide Analysis Reveals Gene Expression and Metabolic Network Dynamics during Embryo Development in Arabidopsis". Plant Physiology (156): 346-356. Supplemental Table 1 :

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