Man pages for narray
Subset- And Name-Aware Array Utility Functions

bindBinds arrays together disregarding names
collectConverts a logical matrix to a list of character vectors
constructA wrapper around reshape2::acast using a more intuitive...
dimbase::dim, but returning 1 for vector
dimnamesReturn dimension names of an array respecting the number of...
filterFunction to discard subsets of an array (NA or drop)
flattenFlattens an array along an axis
grapes-or-grapesoperator for array-like logical ops
intersectIntersects all passed arrays along a give dimension, and...
intersect_listIntersects a lits of arrays for common dimension names
likeReshapes 'x' to be like 'like', including dimension names
mapMaps a function along an array preserving its structure
map_simpleApply function that preserves order of dimensions
maskConverts a list of character vectors to a logical matrix
matchmatch() function with extended functionality
meltFunction to melt data.frame from one or multiple arrays
repRepeats an array along an arbitrary axis
splitSplits and array along a given axis, either totally or only...
stackStacks arrays while respecting names in each dimension
subsetSubsets an array using a list with indices or names
summarizeSummarize a matrix analogous to a grouped df in dplyr
vectors_to_row_or_colConverts vectors in a list to row- or column vectors
whichA multidimensional 'which' function
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