Man pages for netCoin
Interactive Analytic Networks

allNetNetworked coincidences from incidences data.
asGalleryImages in a grid gallery.
asNodesNodes data frame.
barCoinNetworked coincidences.
calCentrCategorize a network
coexist'coexist' Interactive network of time coexistences of...
coinCoincidence matrix.
coocurCoocurrence matrix.
diceData: Roll a die (100 times).
distantDistance matrix.
dyncohortInteractive graphs of dynamic cohorts.
edgeListEdge list.
essData: European Social Survey, Round-8.
eventsData: Attributes of the dice events.
expectedListExpected list.
familiesData: Italian families in the Renaissance.
finchesData: Finches'attributes in Galapagos islands.
fromIgraphProduce interactive networks from igraph objects.
GalapagosData: Finches' presence in Galapagos Islands.
galleryImages in a grid gallery.
glmCoinRegression Graphs
incTimeTime incidences.
layoutCircleProduce a circle layout of any number of nodes.
layoutGridProduce a layout of any number of nodes.
linksData: Links between Italian families in the Renaissance.
lowerSimilarity/distance matrix display.
mobileEdgesMobile Edges.
multigraphCreateProduce interactive multi graphs.
netCoinNetworked coincidences.
netCoin-packageThe netCoin package.
netCorrNetworked correlations.
pathCoinStructural Equation Models Graphs.
propCoinExpress Coin Entries as Fraction of Marginal Table
saveGhmlSave a netCoin object as a .graphml file to be read in Gephi,...
savePajekSave a netCoin object as a .net (.paj) file to be read in...
shinyCoinInclude netCoin Plots in Shiny.
simSimilarity matrix.
sociologistsData: Classical sociologists.
surCoinNetworked coincidences from a data frame.
surScatNetworked coincidences from a data frame.
timeCoinNetworked coincidences.
toIgraphigraph object.
worksData: Classical sociological works.
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