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valueInCompiledNimbleFunctionR Documentation

get or set value of member data from a compiled nimbleFunction using a multi-interface


Most nimbleFunctions written for direct user interaction allow standard R-object-like access to member data using $ or `[[`. However, sometimes compiled nimbleFunctions contained within other compiled nimbleFunctions are interfaced with a light-weight system called a multi-interface. valueInCompiledNimbleFunction provides a way to get or set values in such cases.


valueInCompiledNimbleFunction(cnf, name, value)



Compiled nimbleFunction object


Name of the member data


If provided, the value to assign to the member data. If omitted, the value of the member data is returned.


The member data of a nimbleFunction are the objects created in setup code that are used in run code or other member functions.

Whether multi-interfaces are used for nested nimbleFunctions is controlled by the buildInterfacesForCompiledNestedNimbleFunctions option in nimbleOptions.

To see an example of a multi-interface, see samplerFunctions in a compiled MCMC interface object.


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