Man pages for nlist
Lists of Numeric Atomic Objects

aggregate.nlistAggregate nlist
aggregate.nlistsAggregate nlists
as_mcmcCoerce to mcmc Object
as_mcmc_listCoerce to an mcmc.list Object
as_nlistCoerce to nlist
as_nlistsCoerce to nlists
as_term_frameCoerce to a Term Frame
as_term_frame.nlistCoerce nlist Object to Data Frame
as_term_frame.nlistsCoerce nlists Object to Data Frame
as_term.mcmcCoerce to a Term Vector
as_term.nlistCoerce to a Term Vector
as_term.nlistsCoerce to a Term Vector
bind_iterations.mcmcBind Iterations
bind_iterations.mcmc.listBind Iterations
chk_nlistCheck nlist Object or nlists Object
collapse_chains.mcmcCollapse Chains
collapse_chains.mcmc.listCollapse Chains
collapse_chains.nlistCollapse Chains
collapse_chains.nlistsCollapse Chains
complete_terms.mcmcComplete Terms
deprecatedDeprecated Functions
fill_all.nlistFill All Values
fill_all.nlistsFill All Values
fill_na.nlistFill Missing Values
fill_na.nlistsFill Missing Values
is_numericIs numeric, nlist or nlists
nchains.mcmcNumber of Chains
nchains.mcmc.listNumber of Chains
nchains.nlistNumber of Terms
nchains.nlistsNumber of Terms
niters.mcmcNumber of Iterations
niters.mcmc.listNumber of Iterations
niters.nlistNumber of Iterations
niters.nlistsNumber of Iterations
nlistCreate nlist Object
nlistsCreate nlists Object
npdims.mcmc.listNumber of Parameter Dimensions
npdims.nlistNumber of Parameter Dimensions
npdims.nlistsNumber of Parameter Dimensions
nsims.nlistNumber of Simulations
nsims.nlistsNumber of Simulations
nterms.mcmcNumber of Terms
nterms.mcmc.listNumber of Terms
nterms.nlistNumber of Terms
nterms.nlistsNumber of Terms
paramsParameter Descriptions
pars.mcmcParameter Names
pars.mcmc.listParameter Names
pars.nlistParameter Names
pars.nlistsParameter Names
pdims.mcmcParameter Dimensions
pdims.mcmc.listParameter Dimensions
pdims.nlistParameter Dimensions
pdims.nlistsParameter Dimensions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
relist_nlistRelists an unlist nlist Object
set_pars.mcmcSet Parameters
set_pars.mcmc.listSet Parameters
set_pars.nlistSet Parameter Names
set_pars.nlistsSet Parameter Names
split_chains.nlistsSplit Chains
subset.mcmcSubset mcmc Object
subset.mcmc.listSubset mcmc.list Object
subset.nlistSubset nlist Object
subset.nlistsSubset nlists Object
thin.defaultThin MCMC Object
tidy.mcmcTurn an object into a tidy tibble
tidy.mcmc.listTurn an object into a tidy tibble
tidy.nlistsTurn an object into a tidy tibble
unlist_nlistFlatten nlist Object
unlist.nlistFlatten nlist Object
vld_nlistValidate nlist Object or nlists Object
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