npde.binning: Internal functions used to produce prediction intervals

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Internal functions used to produce prediction intervals


Functions used by plot functions to define the boundaries of the bins on the X-axis


npde.binning(xvec, plot.opt, verbose = FALSE)



a vector of values for the X-axis of the plot


graphical options


boolean (defaults to FALSE). If TRUE, a table showing how the binning was performed


These functions are normally not called by the end-user but are now exported for use in the saemix package.


a list with 3 elements, xgrp (the number of the bin associated with each element of xvec), xcent (a named vector containing the mean of the elements of xvec contained in each bin; the name of the bin is the interval), and xgroup (a vector with the group associated to each element of xvec after binning) If verbose is TRUE, a table showing the bins is shown, giving the interval of xvec associated with each bin, the mean value of xvec in each bin, and the number of observations


Emmanuelle Comets <>


K. Brendel, E. Comets, C. Laffont, C. Laveille, and F. Mentre. Metrics for external model evaluation with an application to the population pharmacokinetics of gliclazide. Pharmaceutical Research, 23:2036–49, 2006.

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