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Plots a NpdeRes object


Plots distribution and scatterplots for the npde in a NpdeRes object. Users are advised to use the plot() function on the NpdeObject object resulting from a call to npde() or autonpde() instead of trying to plot only the results element of this object.


## S3 method for class 'NpdeRes'
plot(x, y, ...)



a NpdeRes object


Four graphs are produced:

a quantile-quantile plot

plot of the npde versus the corresponding quantiles of a normal distribution, with the line y=x overlayed.

a histogram of the npde

the shape of the normal distribution is also shown

two scatterplots of the npde

a plot of the npde versus the independent variable X and a plot of the npde versus the empirical mean of the predicted distribution; for these last two graphs, we plot the lines corresponding to y=0 and to the 5% and 95% critical value of the normal distribution delimiting a 90% prediction interval for the npde


a ggplot object or a list of ggplot objects (grobs)


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