Man pages for openCR
Open Population Capture-Recapture

age.matrixSession-specific Ages
AIC.openCRCompare openCR Models
classMembershipClass Membership Probability for Mixture Models
cloned.fitCloning to Evaluate Identifiability
derivedDerived Parameters From openCR Models
fieldvoleCHKielder Field Voles
gonodontisGonodontis Moths
JS.directJolly-Seber Estimates
kernelDiscrete Movement Kernel
LLsurfacePlot Likelihood Surface
make.tableTabulate Estimates From Multiple Models
manipData Manipulation
matchscaleMatch Kernel
microtusPatuxent Meadow Voles
moving.fitMoving Window Functions
openCR.designDesign Data for Open population Models
openCR.fitFit Open Population Capture-Recapture Model
openCR-internalInternal Functions
openCR.make.newdataCreate Default Design Data
openCR-packageOpen Population Capture-Recapture Models
par.openCR.fitFit Multiple openCR Models
pkernelKernel Distribution Functions
plot.derivedopenCRPlot Derived Estimates
plot.openCRPlot Estimates
PPNpossumsOrongorongo Valley Brushtail Possums
predict.openCRopenCR Model Predictions
print.derivedopenCRPrint Method for Derived Estimates
print.openCRPrint or Summarise openCR Object
read.inpImport Data from RMark Input Format
rev.capthistReverse Primary Sessions
simulateSimulate Capture Histories
squeezeUnique Capture Histories
strataStratum names
stratifyStratify Capture-Recapture Data
ucareGoodness-of-fit tests for the Cormack-Jolly-Seber model
utilitySummarise Non-spatial Open-population Data
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