Man pages for orf
Ordered Random Forests

check_discrete_Ycheck if Y is discrete
check_evalcheck evaluation for margins
check_honestycheck honesty
check_honesty_fractioncheck honesty fraction
check_importancecheck importance
check_inferencecheck inference
check_latexcheck latex
check_min_node_sizecheck min.node.size
check_mtrycheck mtry
check_newdatacheck newdata
check_num_treescheck num.trees
check_replacecheck replace
check_sample_fractioncheck sample.fraction
check_typecheck prediction type for predict.orf
check_windowcheck window size
check_Xcheck X data
check_Ycheck Y data
get_forest_weightsGet Forest Weights
get_honestGet Honest Predictions
get_honest_CGet honest predictions (C++)
get_orf_varianceGet ORF Variance
get_weights_CGet honest weights (C++)
honest_splithonest sample split
marginsMarginal Effects
margins.orfMarginal Effects for the Ordered Forest
margins_outputFormatted output for marginal effects with inference
margins_output_latexFormatted latex output for marginal effects with inference
mseMean Squared Error
odataSimulated Example Dataset
orfOrdered Forest Estimator
orf-packageorf: Ordered Random Forests
plot.orfPlot of the Ordered Forest
pred_honest_CPredict honest predictions (C++)
predict_forest_preds_for_MEORF Predictions for Marginal Effects
predict_forest_weightsPredict Forest Weights
predict_forest_weights_for_MEORF Weight Predictions for Marginal Effects
predict_honestPredict Honest Predictions
predict.orfPrediction of the Ordered Forest
pred_orf_variancePredict ORF Variance
pred_weights_CPredict honest weights (C++)
print.margins.orfPrint of the Ordered Forest Marginal Effects
print.orfPrint of the Ordered Forest
print.orf.predictionPrint of the Ordered Forest Prediction
rpsRanked Probability Score
summary.margins.orfSummary of the Ordered Forest Marginal Effects
summary.orfSummary of the Ordered Forest
summary.orf.predictionSummary of the Ordered Forest Prediction
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