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Prediction of the Ordered Forest


Prediction for new observations based on estimated Ordered Forest of class orf


## S3 method for class 'orf'
predict(object, newdata = NULL, type = NULL, inference = NULL, ...)



estimated Ordered Forest object of class orf


numeric matrix X containing the observations for which the outcomes should be predicted


string, specifying the type of the prediction, These can be either "probs" or "p" for probabilities and "class" or "c" for classes. (Default is "probs").


logical, if TRUE variances for the predictions will be estimated (only feasible for probability predictions).


further arguments (currently ignored)


predict.orf estimates the conditional ordered choice probabilities, i.e. P[Y=m|X=x] for new data points (matrix X containing new observations of covariates) based on the estimated Ordered Forest object of class orf. Furthermore, weight-based inference for the probability predictions can be conducted as well. If inference is desired, the supplied Ordered Forest must be estimated with honesty and subsampling. If prediction only is desired, estimation without honesty and with bootstrapping is recommended for optimal prediction performance. Additionally to the probability predictions, class predictions can be estimated as well using the type argument. In this case, the predicted classes are obtained as classes with the highest predicted probability.


object of class orf.prediction with following elements


info containing forest inputs and data used


predicted values


variances of predicted values


Gabriel Okasa

See Also

summary.orf.prediction, print.orf.prediction


# Ordered Forest

# load example data

# specify response and covariates for train and test
idx <- sample(seq(1, nrow(odata), 1), 0.8*nrow(odata))

# train set
Y_train <- as.numeric(odata[idx, 1])
X_train <- as.matrix(odata[idx, -1])

# test set
Y_test <- as.numeric(odata[-idx, 1])
X_test <- as.matrix(odata[-idx, -1])

# estimate Ordered Forest
orf_fit <- orf(X_train, Y_train)

# predict the probabilities with the estimated orf
orf_pred <- predict(orf_fit, newdata = X_test)

# predict the probabilities with estimated orf together with variances
orf_pred <- predict(orf_fit, newdata = X_test, inference = TRUE)

# predict the classes with estimated orf
orf_pred <- predict(orf_fit, newdata = X_test, type = "class")

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