Man pages for paleoTS
Analyze Paleontological Time-Series

as.paleoTSMake a Paleontological Time-series object
as.paleoTSfitCreate a 'paleoTSfit' object
bootSimpleComplexBootstrap test to see if a complex model is significantly...
cantius_LTime-series of the length of lower first molar for the...
compareModelsCompare model fits for a paleontological time-series
dorsal.spinesTime-series of dorsal spine data from a fossil stickleback...
ESDCompute Expected Squared Divergence (ESD) for Evolutionary...
fit3modelsFit a set of standard evolutionary models
fit9modelsFit large set of models to a time-series
fitGpuncFit trait evolution model with punctuations estimated from...
fitModeShiftFit model in which the mode of trait evolution shifts once
fitMultFit the same simple model across multiple time-series
fit.sgsFit a model of trait evolution with a protracted punctuation.
fitSimpleFit simple models of trait evolution
ICCompute Information Criteria
ln.paleoTSApproximate log-transformation of time-series data
LRILog-rate, Log-interval (LRI) method of Gingerich
lynchDCompute Lynch's Delta rate metric
mle.GRWAnalytical ML estimator for random walk and stasis models
opt.covTrackFit a model in which a trait tracks a covariate
opt.GRWFit evolutionary model using "AD" parameterization
opt.GRW.shiftFit random walk model with shift(s) in generating parameters
opt.joint.GRWFit evolutionary models using the "Joint" parameterization
opt.joint.OUFit Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model using the "Joint"...
opt.puncFit a model of trait evolution with specified punctuation(s)
plot.paleoTSPlot a paleoTS object
pool.varCompute a pooled variance
read.paleoTSRead a text-file with data from a paleontological time-series
sim.covTrackSimulate trait evolution that tracks a covariate
sim.GRWSimulate random walk or directional time-series for trait...
sim.GRW.shiftSimulate (general) random walk with shift(s) in generating...
sim.OUSimulate an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck time-series
sim.puncSimulate a punctuated time-series
sim.sgsSimulate protracted punctuation
sim.StasisSimulate Stasis time-series for trait evolution
sim.Stasis.RWSimulate trait evolution with a mode shift
std.paleoTSConvert time-series to standard deviation units
sub.paleoTSSubsample a paleontological time-series
test.var.hetTest for heterogeneity of variances among samples in a...
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