Man pages for paramlink
Parametric Linkage and Other Pedigree Analysis in R

allGenotypesGenotype combinations to data.frame conversion
as.matrix.linkdatlinkdat to matrix conversion
dominantExample pedigree for linkage analysis
examineKinshipsCheck pedigree for relationship errors
exclusionPowerPower of exclusion
Familias2linkdatConvert 'Familias' output to linkdat objects
IBDestimateRelatedness estimation
IBDtriangleIBD triangle plot
is.linkdatIs an object a linkdat object?
likelihoodPedigree likelihood
linkage.powerPower of a linkage study
linkageSimSimulate markers linked to a disease locus.
linkdatLinkdat objects
linkresS3 methods for class 'linkres'.
lodTwo-point LOD score
lod.peaksLOD score peaks
LRLikelihood ratios of pedigree hypotheses
markersMarker functions
markerSimMarker simulation
mendelianCheckCheck for Mendelian errors
mergePedMerge two pedigrees
merlinMERLIN wrappers
oneMarkerDistributionGenotype probability distribution
paramlink-packageparamlink: Parametric Linkage and Other Pedigree Analysis in...
pedCreateCreate simple pedigrees
pedigreeLoopsPedigree loops
pedModifyModify the pedigree of 'linkdat' objects
pedPartsPedigree subsets
plot.linkdatPlot pedigrees with genotypes
plotPedListPlot a list of pedigrees.
randomPedRandom pedigree
readDatfileRead dat file in LINKAGE format
relatednessCoeffRelatedness coefficients
relationLRRelationship Likelihood Ratio
setAvailableFunctions for modifying availability vectors
setModelSet, change or display the model parameters for 'linkdat'...
setPlotLabelsAttach plot labels to a linkdat object
showInTriangleAdd points to the IBD triangle
simpleSimUnconditional marker simulation
toypedToy pedigree for linkage analysis
transferMarkerdataTransfer marker data
twoloopsA consanguineous pedigree
twoMarkerDistributionGenotype probability distribution
XpedExample pedigree with X-linked disease pattern.
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