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Amazon Cloud Directory

Amazon Cloud Directory is a component of the AWS Directory Service that simplifies the development and management of cloud-scale web, mobile, and IoT applications. This guide describes the Cloud Directory operations that you can call programmatically and includes detailed information on data types and errors. For information about Cloud Directory features, see AWS Directory Service and the Amazon Cloud Directory Developer Guide.


clouddirectory(config = list())



Optional configuration of credentials, endpoint, and/or region.


A client for the service. You can call the service's operations using syntax like svc$operation(...), where svc is the name you've assigned to the client. The available operations are listed in the Operations section.

Service syntax

svc <- clouddirectory(
  config = list(
    credentials = list(
      creds = list(
        access_key_id = "string",
        secret_access_key = "string",
        session_token = "string"
      profile = "string"
    endpoint = "string",
    region = "string"


add_facet_to_object Adds a new Facet to an object
apply_schema Copies the input published schema, at the specified version, into the Directory with the same name and version as that of the published schema
attach_object Attaches an existing object to another object
attach_policy Attaches a policy object to a regular object
attach_to_index Attaches the specified object to the specified index
attach_typed_link Attaches a typed link to a specified source and target object
batch_read Performs all the read operations in a batch
batch_write Performs all the write operations in a batch
create_directory Creates a Directory by copying the published schema into the directory
create_facet Creates a new Facet in a schema
create_index Creates an index object
create_object Creates an object in a Directory
create_schema Creates a new schema in a development state
create_typed_link_facet Creates a TypedLinkFacet
delete_directory Deletes a directory
delete_facet Deletes a given Facet
delete_object Deletes an object and its associated attributes
delete_schema Deletes a given schema
delete_typed_link_facet Deletes a TypedLinkFacet
detach_from_index Detaches the specified object from the specified index
detach_object Detaches a given object from the parent object
detach_policy Detaches a policy from an object
detach_typed_link Detaches a typed link from a specified source and target object
disable_directory Disables the specified directory
enable_directory Enables the specified directory
get_applied_schema_version Returns current applied schema version ARN, including the minor version in use
get_directory Retrieves metadata about a directory
get_facet Gets details of the Facet, such as facet name, attributes, Rules, or ObjectType
get_link_attributes Retrieves attributes that are associated with a typed link
get_object_attributes Retrieves attributes within a facet that are associated with an object
get_object_information Retrieves metadata about an object
get_schema_as_json Retrieves a JSON representation of the schema
get_typed_link_facet_information Returns the identity attribute order for a specific TypedLinkFacet
list_applied_schema_arns Lists schema major versions applied to a directory
list_attached_indices Lists indices attached to the specified object
list_development_schema_arns Retrieves each Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of schemas in the development state
list_directories Lists directories created within an account
list_facet_attributes Retrieves attributes attached to the facet
list_facet_names Retrieves the names of facets that exist in a schema
list_incoming_typed_links Returns a paginated list of all the incoming TypedLinkSpecifier information for an object
list_index Lists objects attached to the specified index
list_managed_schema_arns Lists the major version families of each managed schema
list_object_attributes Lists all attributes that are associated with an object
list_object_children Returns a paginated list of child objects that are associated with a given object
list_object_parent_paths Retrieves all available parent paths for any object type such as node, leaf node, policy node, and index node objects
list_object_parents Lists parent objects that are associated with a given object in pagination fashion
list_object_policies Returns policies attached to an object in pagination fashion
list_outgoing_typed_links Returns a paginated list of all the outgoing TypedLinkSpecifier information for an object
list_policy_attachments Returns all of the ObjectIdentifiers to which a given policy is attached
list_published_schema_arns Lists the major version families of each published schema
list_tags_for_resource Returns tags for a resource
list_typed_link_facet_attributes Returns a paginated list of all attribute definitions for a particular TypedLinkFacet
list_typed_link_facet_names Returns a paginated list of TypedLink facet names for a particular schema
lookup_policy Lists all policies from the root of the Directory to the object specified
publish_schema Publishes a development schema with a major version and a recommended minor version
put_schema_from_json Allows a schema to be updated using JSON upload
remove_facet_from_object Removes the specified facet from the specified object
tag_resource An API operation for adding tags to a resource
untag_resource An API operation for removing tags from a resource
update_facet Does the following:
update_link_attributes Updates a given typed link’s attributes
update_object_attributes Updates a given object's attributes
update_schema Updates the schema name with a new name
update_typed_link_facet Updates a TypedLinkFacet
upgrade_applied_schema Upgrades a single directory in-place using the PublishedSchemaArn with schema updates found in MinorVersion
upgrade_published_schema Upgrades a published schema under a new minor version revision using the current contents of DevelopmentSchemaArn


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svc <- clouddirectory()
  Foo = 123

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