kms_create_alias: Creates a display name for a customer managed customer master...

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Creates a display name for a customer managed customer master key (CMK). You can use an alias to identify a CMK in cryptographic operations, such as Encrypt and GenerateDataKey. You can change the CMK associated with the alias at any time.


kms_create_alias(AliasName, TargetKeyId)



[required] Specifies the alias name. This value must begin with alias/ followed by a name, such as alias/ExampleAlias. The alias name cannot begin with alias/aws/. The alias/aws/ prefix is reserved for AWS managed CMKs.


[required] Identifies the CMK to which the alias refers. Specify the key ID or the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the CMK. You cannot specify another alias. For help finding the key ID and ARN, see Finding the Key ID and ARN in the AWS Key Management Service Developer Guide.


Aliases are easier to remember than key IDs. They can also help to simplify your applications. For example, if you use an alias in your code, you can change the CMK your code uses by associating a given alias with a different CMK.

To run the same code in multiple AWS regions, use an alias in your code, such as alias/ApplicationKey. Then, in each AWS Region, create an alias/ApplicationKey alias that is associated with a CMK in that Region. When you run your code, it uses the alias/ApplicationKey CMK for that AWS Region without any Region-specific code.

This operation does not return a response. To get the alias that you created, use the ListAliases operation.

To use aliases successfully, be aware of the following information.

Because an alias is not a property of a CMK, you can delete and change the aliases of a CMK without affecting the CMK. Also, aliases do not appear in the response from the DescribeKey operation. To get the aliases and alias ARNs of CMKs in each AWS account and Region, use the ListAliases operation.

The CMK that you use for this operation must be in a compatible key state. For details, see How Key State Affects Use of a Customer Master Key in the AWS Key Management Service Developer Guide.

Request syntax

  AliasName = "string",
  TargetKeyId = "string"


# The following example creates an alias for the specified customer master
# key (CMK).
  AliasName = "alias/ExampleAlias",
  TargetKeyId = "1234abcd-12ab-34cd-56ef-1234567890ab"
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