kms_update_custom_key_store: Changes the properties of a custom key store

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Changes the properties of a custom key store. Use the CustomKeyStoreId parameter to identify the custom key store you want to edit. Use the remaining parameters to change the properties of the custom key store.


kms_update_custom_key_store(CustomKeyStoreId, NewCustomKeyStoreName,
  KeyStorePassword, CloudHsmClusterId)



[required] Identifies the custom key store that you want to update. Enter the ID of the custom key store. To find the ID of a custom key store, use the DescribeCustomKeyStores operation.


Changes the friendly name of the custom key store to the value that you specify. The custom key store name must be unique in the AWS account.


Enter the current password of the kmsuser crypto user (CU) in the AWS CloudHSM cluster that is associated with the custom key store.

This parameter tells AWS KMS the current password of the kmsuser crypto user (CU). It does not set or change the password of any users in the AWS CloudHSM cluster.


Associates the custom key store with a related AWS CloudHSM cluster.

Enter the cluster ID of the cluster that you used to create the custom key store or a cluster that shares a backup history and has the same cluster certificate as the original cluster. You cannot use this parameter to associate a custom key store with an unrelated cluster. In addition, the replacement cluster must fulfill the requirements for a cluster associated with a custom key store. To view the cluster certificate of a cluster, use the DescribeClusters operation.


You can only update a custom key store that is disconnected. To disconnect the custom key store, use DisconnectCustomKeyStore. To reconnect the custom key store after the update completes, use ConnectCustomKeyStore. To find the connection state of a custom key store, use the DescribeCustomKeyStores operation.

Use the parameters of UpdateCustomKeyStore to edit your keystore settings.

If the operation succeeds, it returns a JSON object with no properties.

This operation is part of the Custom Key Store feature feature in AWS KMS, which combines the convenience and extensive integration of AWS KMS with the isolation and control of a single-tenant key store.

Request syntax

  CustomKeyStoreId = "string",
  NewCustomKeyStoreName = "string",
  KeyStorePassword = "string",
  CloudHsmClusterId = "string"
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