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Security Hub provides you with a comprehensive view of the security state of your AWS environment and resources. It also provides you with the compliance status of your environment based on CIS AWS Foundations compliance checks. Security Hub collects security data from AWS accounts, services, and integrated third-party products and helps you analyze security trends in your environment to identify the highest priority security issues. For more information about Security Hub, see the AWS Security Hub User Guide .

When you use operations in the Security Hub API, the requests are executed only in the AWS Region that is currently active or in the specific AWS Region that you specify in your request. Any configuration or settings change that results from the operation is applied only to that Region. To make the same change in other Regions, execute the same command for each Region to apply the change to. For example, if your Region is set to us-west-2, when you use CreateMembers to add a member account to Security Hub, the association of the member account with the master account is created only in the us-west-2 Region. Security Hub must be enabled for the member account in the same Region that the invite was sent from.

The following throttling limits apply to using Security Hub API operations:


securityhub(config = list())



Optional configuration of credentials, endpoint, and/or region.

Service syntax

svc <- securityhub(
  config = list(
    credentials = list(
      creds = list(
        access_key_id = "string",
        secret_access_key = "string",
        session_token = "string"
      profile = "string"
    endpoint = "string",
    region = "string"


accept_invitation Accepts the invitation to be a member account and be monitored by the Security Hub master account that the invitation was sent from
batch_disable_standards Disables the standards specified by the provided StandardsSubscriptionArns
batch_enable_standards Enables the standards specified by the provided standardsArn
batch_import_findings Imports security findings generated from an integrated third-party product into Security Hub
create_action_target Creates a custom action target in Security Hub
create_insight Creates a custom insight in Security Hub
create_members Creates a member association in Security Hub between the specified accounts and the account used to make the request, which is the master account
decline_invitations Declines invitations to become a member account
delete_action_target Deletes a custom action target from Security Hub
delete_insight Deletes the insight specified by the InsightArn
delete_invitations Deletes invitations received by the AWS account to become a member account
delete_members Deletes the specified member accounts from Security Hub
describe_action_targets Returns a list of the custom action targets in Security Hub in your account
describe_hub Returns details about the Hub resource in your account, including the HubArn and the time when you enabled Security Hub
describe_products Returns information about the products available that you can subscribe to and integrate with Security Hub to consolidate findings
disable_import_findings_for_product Disables the integration of the specified product with Security Hub
disable_security_hub Disables Security Hub in your account only in the current Region
disassociate_from_master_account Disassociates the current Security Hub member account from the associated master account
disassociate_members Disassociates the specified member accounts from the associated master account
enable_import_findings_for_product Enables the integration of a partner product with Security Hub
enable_security_hub Enables Security Hub for your account in the current Region or the Region you specify in the request
get_enabled_standards Returns a list of the standards that are currently enabled
get_findings Returns a list of findings that match the specified criteria
get_insight_results Lists the results of the Security Hub insight that the insight ARN specifies
get_insights Lists and describes insights that insight ARNs specify
get_invitations_count Returns the count of all Security Hub membership invitations that were sent to the current member account, not including the currently accepted invitation
get_master_account Provides the details for the Security Hub master account to the current member account
get_members Returns the details on the Security Hub member accounts that the account IDs specify
invite_members Invites other AWS accounts to become member accounts for the Security Hub master account that the invitation is sent from
list_enabled_products_for_import Lists all findings-generating solutions (products) whose findings you have subscribed to receive in Security Hub
list_invitations Lists all Security Hub membership invitations that were sent to the current AWS account
list_members Lists details about all member accounts for the current Security Hub master account
list_tags_for_resource Returns a list of tags associated with a resource
tag_resource Adds one or more tags to a resource
untag_resource Removes one or more tags from a resource
update_action_target Updates the name and description of a custom action target in Security Hub
update_findings Updates the Note and RecordState of the Security Hub-aggregated findings that the filter attributes specify
update_insight Updates the Security Hub insight that the insight ARN specifies


svc <- securityhub()
  Foo = 123
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