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This is the AWS WAF API Reference for using AWS WAF with Amazon CloudFront. The AWS WAF actions and data types listed in the reference are available for protecting Amazon CloudFront distributions. You can use these actions and data types via the endpoint waf.amazonaws.com. This guide is for developers who need detailed information about the AWS WAF API actions, data types, and errors. For detailed information about AWS WAF features and an overview of how to use the AWS WAF API, see the AWS WAF Developer Guide.


waf(config = list())



Optional configuration of credentials, endpoint, and/or region.

Service syntax

svc <- waf(
  config = list(
    credentials = list(
      creds = list(
        access_key_id = "string",
        secret_access_key = "string",
        session_token = "string"
      profile = "string"
    endpoint = "string",
    region = "string"


create_byte_match_set Creates a ByteMatchSet
create_geo_match_set Creates an GeoMatchSet, which you use to specify which web requests you want to allow or block based on the country that the requests originate from
create_ip_set Creates an IPSet, which you use to specify which web requests that you want to allow or block based on the IP addresses that the requests originate from
create_rate_based_rule Creates a RateBasedRule
create_regex_match_set Creates a RegexMatchSet
create_regex_pattern_set Creates a RegexPatternSet
create_rule Creates a Rule, which contains the IPSet objects, ByteMatchSet objects, and other predicates that identify the requests that you want to block
create_rule_group Creates a RuleGroup
create_size_constraint_set Creates a SizeConstraintSet
create_sql_injection_match_set Creates a SqlInjectionMatchSet, which you use to allow, block, or count requests that contain snippets of SQL code in a specified part of web requests
create_web_acl Creates a WebACL, which contains the Rules that identify the CloudFront web requests that you want to allow, block, or count
create_xss_match_set Creates an XssMatchSet, which you use to allow, block, or count requests that contain cross-site scripting attacks in the specified part of web requests
delete_byte_match_set Permanently deletes a ByteMatchSet
delete_geo_match_set Permanently deletes a GeoMatchSet
delete_ip_set Permanently deletes an IPSet
delete_logging_configuration Permanently deletes the LoggingConfiguration from the specified web ACL
delete_permission_policy Permanently deletes an IAM policy from the specified RuleGroup
delete_rate_based_rule Permanently deletes a RateBasedRule
delete_regex_match_set Permanently deletes a RegexMatchSet
delete_regex_pattern_set Permanently deletes a RegexPatternSet
delete_rule Permanently deletes a Rule
delete_rule_group Permanently deletes a RuleGroup
delete_size_constraint_set Permanently deletes a SizeConstraintSet
delete_sql_injection_match_set Permanently deletes a SqlInjectionMatchSet
delete_web_acl Permanently deletes a WebACL
delete_xss_match_set Permanently deletes an XssMatchSet
get_byte_match_set Returns the ByteMatchSet specified by ByteMatchSetId
get_change_token When you want to create, update, or delete AWS WAF objects, get a change token and include the change token in the create, update, or delete request
get_change_token_status Returns the status of a ChangeToken that you got by calling GetChangeToken
get_geo_match_set Returns the GeoMatchSet that is specified by GeoMatchSetId
get_ip_set Returns the IPSet that is specified by IPSetId
get_logging_configuration Returns the LoggingConfiguration for the specified web ACL
get_permission_policy Returns the IAM policy attached to the RuleGroup
get_rate_based_rule Returns the RateBasedRule that is specified by the RuleId that you included in the GetRateBasedRule request
get_rate_based_rule_managed_keys Returns an array of IP addresses currently being blocked by the RateBasedRule that is specified by the RuleId
get_regex_match_set Returns the RegexMatchSet specified by RegexMatchSetId
get_regex_pattern_set Returns the RegexPatternSet specified by RegexPatternSetId
get_rule Returns the Rule that is specified by the RuleId that you included in the GetRule request
get_rule_group Returns the RuleGroup that is specified by the RuleGroupId that you included in the GetRuleGroup request
get_sampled_requests Gets detailed information about a specified number of requests--a sample--that AWS WAF randomly selects from among the first 5,000 requests that your AWS resource received during a time range that you choose
get_size_constraint_set Returns the SizeConstraintSet specified by SizeConstraintSetId
get_sql_injection_match_set Returns the SqlInjectionMatchSet that is specified by SqlInjectionMatchSetId
get_web_acl Returns the WebACL that is specified by WebACLId
get_xss_match_set Returns the XssMatchSet that is specified by XssMatchSetId
list_activated_rules_in_rule_group Returns an array of ActivatedRule objects
list_byte_match_sets Returns an array of ByteMatchSetSummary objects
list_geo_match_sets Returns an array of GeoMatchSetSummary objects in the response
list_ip_sets Returns an array of IPSetSummary objects in the response
list_logging_configurations Returns an array of LoggingConfiguration objects
list_rate_based_rules Returns an array of RuleSummary objects
list_regex_match_sets Returns an array of RegexMatchSetSummary objects
list_regex_pattern_sets Returns an array of RegexPatternSetSummary objects
list_rule_groups Returns an array of RuleGroup objects
list_rules Returns an array of RuleSummary objects
list_size_constraint_sets Returns an array of SizeConstraintSetSummary objects
list_sql_injection_match_sets Returns an array of SqlInjectionMatchSet objects
list_subscribed_rule_groups Returns an array of RuleGroup objects that you are subscribed to
list_tags_for_resource List tags for resource
list_web_ac_ls Returns an array of WebACLSummary objects in the response
list_xss_match_sets Returns an array of XssMatchSet objects
put_logging_configuration Associates a LoggingConfiguration with a specified web ACL
put_permission_policy Attaches a IAM policy to the specified resource
tag_resource Tag resource
untag_resource Untag resource
update_byte_match_set Inserts or deletes ByteMatchTuple objects (filters) in a ByteMatchSet
update_geo_match_set Inserts or deletes GeoMatchConstraint objects in an GeoMatchSet
update_ip_set Inserts or deletes IPSetDescriptor objects in an IPSet
update_rate_based_rule Inserts or deletes Predicate objects in a rule and updates the RateLimit in the rule
update_regex_match_set Inserts or deletes RegexMatchTuple objects (filters) in a RegexMatchSet
update_regex_pattern_set Inserts or deletes RegexPatternString objects in a RegexPatternSet
update_rule Inserts or deletes Predicate objects in a Rule
update_rule_group Inserts or deletes ActivatedRule objects in a RuleGroup
update_size_constraint_set Inserts or deletes SizeConstraint objects (filters) in a SizeConstraintSet
update_sql_injection_match_set Inserts or deletes SqlInjectionMatchTuple objects (filters) in a SqlInjectionMatchSet
update_web_acl Inserts or deletes ActivatedRule objects in a WebACL
update_xss_match_set Inserts or deletes XssMatchTuple objects (filters) in an XssMatchSet


# The following example creates an IP match set named MyIPSetFriendlyName.
svc <- waf()
  ChangeToken = "abcd12f2-46da-4fdb-b8d5-fbd4c466928f",
  Name = "MyIPSetFriendlyName"

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