phonTools: Tools for Phonetic and Acoustic Analyses

Contains tools for the organization, display, and analysis of the sorts of data frequently encountered in phonetics research and experimentation, including the easy creation of IPA vowel plots, and the creation and manipulation of WAVE audio files.

AuthorSantiago Barreda
Date of publication2015-07-31 01:00:47
MaintainerSantiago Barreda <>
LicenseBSD_2_clause + file LICENSE

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Man pages

a96: Aronson et al. (1996) Hebrew Vowel Data

b95: Bradlow (1995) Spanish Vowel Data

combocalc: Combinations and Permutations

createtemplate: Create an LDA Template

errorbars: Error bars.

f73: Fant (1973) Swedish Vowel Data

f99: Fourakis et al. (1999) Greek Vowel Data

fastacf: Fast Autocorrelation

Ffilter: Formant Filtering

findformants: Find Formants

FIRfilter: Perform Digital Filtering

formanttrack: Formant Tracking

freqresponse: Frequency Response

h95: Hillenbrand et al. (1995) Vowel Data

hotelling.test: Hotelling's T2 Test

imputeformants: Impute Missing Formant Values

interpolate: Interpolation

ldboundary: Linear Discriminant Boundary

ldclassify: Linear Discriminant Classification

loadsound: Load WAV files into R

loadtable: Load Table

lpc: Linear Predictive Coding

makeFIR: Create a Digital Filter

makesound: Make a 'sound' object

multiplot: Plot with variable panel sizes

normalize: Normalize Vowels Compare Normalization Methods

ntypes: Number of Unique Elements

p73: Pols et al. (1973) Dutch Vowel Data

pb52: Peterson & Barney (1952) Vowel Data

peakfind: Find the Peaks

phasor: Plot Phasors

pickIPA: Pick IPA Symbols

pitchtrack: Pitch Tracking

playsound: Play Sounds

polezero: Pole-zero Plots

powertrack: Power tracking

preemphasis: Add Preemphasis

PSTM: Probabilistic Sliding Template Model

pwelch: Welch's Power Spectral Density Estimate

rcr: Random Coefficients Regression

reduce.fraction: Reduce Fractions

resample: Resample a Sound

rmvtnorm: Random multivariate normal variables

rotate: Rotate

sdellipse: Standard deviation Ellipse

selectslice: Select Slices

sinc: Sinc Function

sinusoid: Create Sinusoids

snip: Snip/Zoom

sound: Sound object

spectralslice: Spectral Slice

spectrogram: Create Spectrograms

synthfilter: Filtering by Synthesis

t07: Thomson (2007) Vowel Data

voweldata: Information about Vowel Data Sets

vowelplot: Plot Vowels

vowelsynth: Vowel Synthesis

vplot: Plot Vowels

windowfunc: Window Function

writesound: Write out a WAV file

xsampatoIPA: Convert X-Sampa to IPA

y96: Yang (1996) Korean Vowel Data

zeros: Zero Vector/Matrix


a96 Man page
anova.rcr Man page
b95 Man page
combocalc Man page
createtemplate Man page
errorbar Man page
errorbars Man page
f73 Man page
f99 Man page
fastacf Man page
Ffilter Man page
findformants Man page
FIRfilter Man page
formanttrack Man page
freqresponse Man page
h95 Man page
hotelling.test Man page
imputeformants Man page
interpolate Man page
IPA Man page
ipainfo Man page
iplot Man page
ldboundary Man page
ldclassify Man page
loadsound Man page
loadtable Man page
lpc Man page
makeFIR Man page
makesound Man page
mscohere Man page
multiplot Man page
normalize Man page Man page
ntypes Man page
outlier.plot Man page
p73 Man page
pb52 Man page
peakfind Man page
phasor Man page
pickIPA Man page
pitchtrack Man page
play Man page
playsound Man page
plot.rcr Man page
plot.sound Man page
plot.spectrogram Man page
plot.template Man page
polezero Man page
powertrack Man page
preemphasis Man page
print.anova.rcr Man page
print.hotelling.test Man page
print.rcr Man page
print.sound Man page
print.spectrogram Man page
print.summary.rcr Man page
print.template Man page
PSTM Man page
pwelch Man page
rcr Man page
reduce.fraction Man page
resample Man page
rmvtnorm Man page
rotate Man page
sdellipse Man page
selectslice Man page
sinc Man page
sinusoid Man page
sinusoids Man page
slice Man page
snip Man page
sound Man page
spectralslice Man page
spectrogram Man page
summary.rcr Man page
synthfilter Man page
t07 Man page
territorialmap Man page
voweldata Man page
vowelplot Man page
vowelsynth Man page
vplot Man page
windowfunc Man page
writesound Man page
xsampatoIPA Man page
y96 Man page
zeros Man page


phonTools/R/zeros.R phonTools/R/formanttrack.R phonTools/R/plot.spectrogram.R phonTools/R/anova.rcr.R phonTools/R/vplot.R phonTools/R/interpolate.R phonTools/R/print.template.R phonTools/R/print.summary.rcr.R phonTools/R/Ffilter.R phonTools/R/pickIPA.R phonTools/R/xsampatoIPA.R phonTools/R/fastacf.R phonTools/R/loadsound.R phonTools/R/plot.template.R phonTools/R/combocalc.R phonTools/R/territorialmap.R phonTools/R/rcr.R phonTools/R/ipainfo.R phonTools/R/sdellipse.R phonTools/R/resample.R phonTools/R/phasor.R phonTools/R/outlier.plot.R phonTools/R/peakfind.R phonTools/R/iplot.R phonTools/R/print.spectrogram.R phonTools/R/preemphasis.R phonTools/R/lpc.R phonTools/R/powertrack.R phonTools/R/summary.rcr.R phonTools/R/rotate.R phonTools/R/windowfunc.R phonTools/R/snip.R phonTools/R/ldaclassify.R phonTools/R/spectrogram.R phonTools/R/mscohere.R phonTools/R/ntypes.R phonTools/R/plot.sound.R phonTools/R/createtemplate.R phonTools/R/vowelsynth.R phonTools/R/multiplot.R phonTools/R/writesound.R phonTools/R/vowelplot.R phonTools/R/ phonTools/R/print.sound.R phonTools/R/FIRfilter.R phonTools/R/makeFIR.R phonTools/R/reduce.fraction.R phonTools/R/selectslice.R phonTools/R/loadtable.R phonTools/R/errorbar.R phonTools/R/playsound.R phonTools/R/findformants.R phonTools/R/freqresponse.R phonTools/R/pitchtrack.R phonTools/R/sinusoid.R phonTools/R/print.rcr.R phonTools/R/PSTM.R phonTools/R/rmvtnorm.R phonTools/R/sinc.R phonTools/R/normalize.R phonTools/R/makesound.R phonTools/R/print.hotelling.test.R phonTools/R/print.anova.rcr.R phonTools/R/synthfilter.R phonTools/R/spectralslice.R phonTools/R/hotelling.test.R phonTools/R/imputeformants.R phonTools/R/polezero.R phonTools/R/pwelch.R phonTools/R/plot.rcr.R phonTools/R/ldboundary.R
phonTools/man/voweldata.Rd phonTools/man/powertrack.Rd phonTools/man/makeFIR.Rd phonTools/man/rmvtnorm.Rd phonTools/man/Ffilter.Rd phonTools/man/sound.Rd phonTools/man/pwelch.Rd phonTools/man/reduce.fraction.Rd phonTools/man/ phonTools/man/sinc.Rd phonTools/man/preemphasis.Rd phonTools/man/vowelplot.Rd phonTools/man/FIRfilter.Rd phonTools/man/h95.Rd phonTools/man/hotelling.test.Rd phonTools/man/pitchtrack.Rd phonTools/man/zeros.Rd phonTools/man/fastacf.Rd phonTools/man/f73.Rd phonTools/man/rotate.Rd phonTools/man/playsound.Rd phonTools/man/synthfilter.Rd phonTools/man/writesound.Rd phonTools/man/imputeformants.Rd phonTools/man/errorbars.Rd phonTools/man/rcr.Rd phonTools/man/interpolate.Rd phonTools/man/vowelsynth.Rd phonTools/man/resample.Rd phonTools/man/xsampatoIPA.Rd phonTools/man/freqresponse.Rd phonTools/man/spectralslice.Rd phonTools/man/a96.Rd phonTools/man/createtemplate.Rd phonTools/man/multiplot.Rd phonTools/man/sdellipse.Rd phonTools/man/pickIPA.Rd phonTools/man/pb52.Rd phonTools/man/ntypes.Rd phonTools/man/polezero.Rd phonTools/man/b95.Rd phonTools/man/p73.Rd phonTools/man/normalize.Rd phonTools/man/makesound.Rd phonTools/man/phasor.Rd phonTools/man/selectslice.Rd phonTools/man/combocalc.Rd phonTools/man/snip.Rd phonTools/man/f99.Rd phonTools/man/findformants.Rd phonTools/man/peakfind.Rd phonTools/man/y96.Rd phonTools/man/loadsound.Rd phonTools/man/lpc.Rd phonTools/man/spectrogram.Rd phonTools/man/t07.Rd phonTools/man/ldboundary.Rd phonTools/man/PSTM.Rd phonTools/man/sinusoid.Rd phonTools/man/loadtable.Rd phonTools/man/formanttrack.Rd phonTools/man/vplot.Rd phonTools/man/windowfunc.Rd phonTools/man/ldclassify.Rd

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