Man pages for phonTools
Tools for Phonetic and Acoustic Analyses

a96Aronson et al. (1996) Hebrew Vowel Data
b95Bradlow (1995) Spanish Vowel Data
combocalcCombinations and Permutations
createtemplateCreate an LDA Template
errorbarsError bars.
f73Fant (1973) Swedish Vowel Data
f99Fourakis et al. (1999) Greek Vowel Data
fastacfFast Autocorrelation
FfilterFormant Filtering
findformantsFind Formants
FIRfilterPerform Digital Filtering
formanttrackFormant Tracking
freqresponseFrequency Response
h95Hillenbrand et al. (1995) Vowel Data
hotelling.testHotelling's T2 Test
imputeformantsImpute Missing Formant Values
ldboundaryLinear Discriminant Boundary
ldclassifyLinear Discriminant Classification
loadsoundLoad WAV files into R
loadtableLoad Table
lpcLinear Predictive Coding
makeFIRCreate a Digital Filter
makesoundMake a 'sound' object
multiplotPlot with variable panel sizes
normalizeNormalize Vowels
normalize.compareCompare Normalization Methods
ntypesNumber of Unique Elements
p73Pols et al. (1973) Dutch Vowel Data
pb52Peterson & Barney (1952) Vowel Data
peakfindFind the Peaks
phasorPlot Phasors
pickIPAPick IPA Symbols
pitchtrackPitch Tracking
playsoundPlay Sounds
polezeroPole-zero Plots
powertrackPower tracking
preemphasisAdd Preemphasis
PSTMProbabilistic Sliding Template Model
pwelchWelch's Power Spectral Density Estimate
rcrRandom Coefficients Regression
reduce.fractionReduce Fractions
resampleResample a Sound
rmvtnormRandom multivariate normal variables
sdellipseStandard deviation Ellipse
selectsliceSelect Slices
sincSinc Function
sinusoidCreate Sinusoids
soundSound object
spectralsliceSpectral Slice
spectrogramCreate Spectrograms
synthfilterFiltering by Synthesis
t07Thomson (2007) Vowel Data
voweldataInformation about Vowel Data Sets
vowelplotPlot Vowels
vowelsynthVowel Synthesis
vplotPlot Vowels
windowfuncWindow Function
writesoundWrite out a WAV file
xsampatoIPAConvert X-Sampa to IPA
y96Yang (1996) Korean Vowel Data
zerosZero Vector/Matrix
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