reckase9: Reckase MIRT Multidimensional Item Parameters

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This dataset includes multidimensional two parameter logistic model (M2PL) item parameter estimates for two dimensions and two groups. The Form 1 items are from a "new" form and the Form 2 items are from an "old" form. There are 16 common items between the two forms.




A list of length two. The first element pars is a list of length two. Each of the list elements in pars is a 80 x 3 matrix of item parameters. Element one is for Form 1, and element two is for Form 2. The first two columns in each matrix are for the slope parameters and the third column is for the parameter related to item difficulty.

The second list element in reckase9 is a matrix identifying the common items between the two sets of parameters in pars. That is, the first column in common identifies the rows in pars$form1 that are common items. The second column identifies the corresponding set of common items in pars$form2.


Reckase, M. D. (2009). Multidimensional item response theory. New York: Springer.

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