Combine Item Parameters for Multiple Groups

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This function combines objects of class and/or into a single object


1, common, grp.names)



an ordered list containing two or more objects, two or more objects, or a combination of and objects.


an n x 2 matrix or list of matrices identifying the common items between adjacent pairs of objects in x. See below for more details.


character vector of names for all the groups in the returned object


Although many of the methods in this package allow for lists containing and objects, it may be helpful to combine the item parameters for multiple groups into a single object. x can include a combination of and objects. The objects can contain information for a single group or multiple groups. The list elements in x should be ordered such that adjacent elements correspond to adjacent groups. If an object is included with multiple groups, the list element following this object should contain information for a group that is adjacent to the last group in the object.

If x contains only two elements, common should be a matrix. If x contains more than two elements, common should be a list. In any of the common matrices the first column identifies the common items for the first group of two adjacent list elements in x. The second column in common identifies the corresponding set of common items from the next list element in x. For example, if x contains only two list elements, a single set of common items links them together. If item 4 in group one (row 4 in slot pars) is the same as item 6 in group two, the first row of common would be "4,6".

If an object is included with multiple groups, common should correspond to the set of common items between the last group in the object and the group in the adjacent element in x.


Returns an object of class


Jonathan P. Weeks


Weeks, J. P. (2010) plink: An R package for linking mixed-format tests using IRT-based methods. Journal of Statistical Software, 35(12), 1–33. URL

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