Man pages for portalr
Create Useful Summaries of the Portal Data

add_seasonsAdd Seasons
bait_presence_absenceAnt Bait Presence Absence
check_for_newer_dataCheck for latest version of data files
clean_plant_dataDo basic cleaning of Portal plant data
clean_rodent_dataDo basic cleaning of Portal rodent data
colony_presence_absenceAnt Colony Presence Absence
download_observationsDownload the PortalData repo
fcast_ndviForecast ndvi using a seasonal auto ARIMA
fill_missing_ndviFill in historic ndvi data to the complete timeseries being...
find_incomplete_censusesPeriod code for incomplete censuses
format_codeFormat content as code
format_todoFormat content as an action to be performed by the user
format_valueFormat content as a variable value
get_dataset_citationReturn Citation for Portal Data
get_future_newmoonsGet future newmoon dates and numbers
load_datafileread in a raw datafile from the downloaded data or the GitHub...
load_rodent_dataRead in the Portal data files
na_conformerConform NA entries to "NA" entries
ndviNDVI by calendar month or lunar month
phenocamPhenocam data products by day, calendar month, or lunar month
pipePipe operator
portalrCreates summaries of the Portal data
return_if_nullIf a Value is NULL, Trigger the Parent Function's Return
rodent_speciesRodent species abbreviations
shrub_coverGenerate percent cover from Portal plant transect data
summarize_individual_rodentsReturn cleaned Portal rodent individual data
summarize_plant_dataGenerate summaries of Portal plant data
summarize_rodent_dataGenerate summaries of Portal rodent data
use_default_data_pathManage the default path for downloading Portal Data into
weatherWeather by day, calendar month, or lunar month
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