clean_plant_data: Do basic cleaning of Portal plant data

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Do basic cleaning of Portal plant data


This function does basic quality control of the Portal plant data. It is mainly called from summarize_plant_data, with several arguments passed along.

The specific steps it does are, in order: (1) correct species names according to recent vouchers, if requested (2) restrict species to annuals or non-woody (3) remove records for unidentified species (5) exclude the plots that aren't long-term treatments


  type = "All",
  unknowns = FALSE,
  correct_sp = TRUE



the list of data_tables, returned from calling load_plant_data


specify subset of species; If type=Annuals, removes all non-annual species. If type=Non-woody, removes shrub and subshrub species If type=Perennials, returns all perennial species (includes shrubs and subshrubs) If type=Shrubs, returns only shrubs and subshrubs If type=Winter-annual, returns all annuals found in winter IF type=Summer-annual, returns all annuals found in summer


either removes all individuals not identified to species (unknowns = FALSE) or sums them in an additional column (unknowns = TRUE)


T/F whether or not to use likely corrected plant IDs, passed to rename_species_plants

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