Man pages for postGGIR
Data Processing after Running 'GGIR' for Accelerometer Data

ActCosinor2Cosinor Model for Circadian Rhythmicity
ActCosinor_long2Cosinor Model for Circadian Rhythmicity for the Whole Dataset
ActExtendCosinor2Extended Cosinor Model for Circadian Rhythmicity
ActExtendCosinor_long2Cosinor Model for Circadian Rhythmicity for the Whole Dataset
afterggirMain Call for Data Processing after Runing GGIR for...
bin_data2Bin data into longer windows
create.postGGIRCreate a template shell script of postGGIR
data.imputationData imputation for the cleaned data with annotation
DataShrinkAnnotating the merged data for all accelerometer files in the...
fragmentation2Fragmentation Metrics
fragmentation_long2Fragmentation Metrics for Whole Dataset
ggir.datatransformTransform the data and merge all accelerometer files in the...
ggir.summaryDescription of all accelerometer files in the GGIR output
IS2Interdaily Statbility
IS_long2Interdaily Statbility for the Whole Dataset
IV2Intradaily Variability
IV_long2Intradaily Variability for the Whole Dataset
jive.predict2Modified jive.predict function (package: r.jive)
PAfunTimne Metrics for Whole Dataset
pheno.plotView phenotype variables
RA2Relative Amplitude
RA_long2Relative Amplitude for the Whole Datset
SVDmiss2Modified SVDmiss function (package SpatioTemporal)
Time2Time of A Certain activity State
Time_long2Timne Metrics for Whole Dataset
Tvol2Total Volumen of Activity for Whole Dataset
wear_flagCreate Wear/Nonwear Flags
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