Man pages for projpred
Projection Predictive Feature Selection

as.matrix.projectionExtract projected parameter draws
break_up_matrix_termBreak up matrix terms
cl_aggWeighted averaging within clusters of parameter draws
cv-indicesCreate cross-validation folds
cv_varselVariable selection with cross-validation
df_binomBinomial toy example
df_gaussianGaussian toy example
do_callExecute a function call
extend_familyExtend a family
extra-familiesExtra family objects
mesquiteMesquite data set
plot.vselPlot summary statistics of a variable selection
predict.refmodelPredictions or log predictive densities from a reference...
pred-projectionPredictions from a submodel (after projection)
print.vselPrint results (summary) of variable selection
print.vselsummaryPrint summary of variable selection
projectProjection onto submodel(s)
projpred-packageProjection predictive feature selection
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
refmodel-init-getReference model structure
solution_termsRetrieve predictor solution path or predictor combination
suggest_sizeSuggest submodel size
summary.vselSummary statistics of a variable selection
varselVariable selection (without cross-validation)
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