Man pages for r3dmol
Create Interactive 3D Visualizations of Molecular Data

add_modelCreate and add model to viewer
cif_254385Cif file example
cube_benzene_homoGaussian cube file example
dot-m_multi_specList of multiple start/stop locations.
initInitialise a WebGL-based viewer
m_add_anyShapeCreate and add shape
m_add_arrowAdd arrow shape
m_add_as_one_moleculeCreate and add model to viewer
m_add_customAdd custom shape component from user supplied function
m_add_cylinderAdd Cylinder Between Points
m_add_isosurfaceConstruct isosurface from volumetric data in gaussian cube...
m_add_labelAdd label to viewer
m_add_lineAdd Lines Between Points
m_add_models_as_framesCreate and add model to viewer
m_add_outlineAdd colored outline to all objects in scene.
m_add_property_labelsAdd property labels
m_add_res_labelsAdd Residue Labels
m_add_shapeAdd shape object to viewer
m_add_sphereAdd Sphere Shape
m_add_styleOverwrite Previous Style
m_add_surfaceAdd surface representation to atoms
m_animateAnimate all models in viewer from their respective frames
m_bio3dLoad structure from package bio3d
m_buttonAdd button into viewer
m_centerRe-center the viewer around the provided selection
m_clearClear scene of all objects
m_create_model_fromCreate a new model from atoms specified by sel
m_enable_fogEnable/disable fog for content far from the camera
m_fetch_pdbFetch Structure from PDB
m_get_modelReturn specified model
m_glimpseQuickly View Given Structure
m_gridCreate a grid of viewers that share a WebGL canvas
m_is_animatedGet viewer animate status
m_multi_resi_selSelection Across Multiple Residues
m_pngConvert widgets to PNG image
m_remove_all_labelsRemove all labels from viewer
m_remove_all_modelsDelete all existing models
m_remove_all_shapesRemove all shape objects from viewer
m_remove_all_surfacesRemove all labels from viewer
m_remove_labelRemove label from viewer
m_renderRender current state of viewer
m_rotateRotate scene by angle degrees around axis
m_selSelection Function for r3dmol
m_set_color_by_elementSet color by element
m_set_default_cartoon_qualitySet the default cartoon quality for newly created models
m_set_hover_durationSet the duration of the hover delay
m_set_preceived_distanceSet the distance between the model and the camera
m_set_projectionSet view projection scheme
m_set_slabSet slab of view
m_set_styleAdd Style to Selection
m_set_viewSets the view to the specified translation, zoom, rotation...
m_set_viewerSet viewer properties
m_set_zoom_limitsSet lower and upper limit stops for zoom
m_shape_specSpecify Styling for Generic Shapes
m_shiny_demoRun examples of using 'r3dmol' in a Shiny app
m_spinContinuously rotate a scene around the specified axis
m_stop_animateStop animation of all models in viewer
m_style_cartoonSpecify Styling for Cartoon
m_style_labelSpecify Styling for Labels
m_style_lineSpecify Styling for Lines
m_style_sphereSpecify Styling for Sphere
m_style_stickSpecify Styling for Stick
m_style_surfaceSpecify Styling for Surface
m_translateTranslate current view or models by x,y screen coordinates
m_unit_cellUnit cell visualization
m_vector3Create a 3 dimensional vector
m_vibrateAdd model's vibration
m_viewer_specSpecifying setup options for viewer
m_zoomZoom current view by a constant factor
m_zoom_toZoom to center of atom selection
pdb_1j72Crystal Structure of Mutant Macrophage Capping Protein (Cap...
pdb_6zslCrystal structure of the SARS-CoV-2 helicase at 1.94 Angstrom...
r3dmol-shinyShiny bindings for r3dmol
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sdf_multipleMultiple sdf file example
xyz_multipleMultiple xyz file example
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