Defines functions .m_multi_spec

Documented in .m_multi_spec

#' List of multiple start/stop locations.
#' For use in addition of lines, arrows, cylinders, when multiple
#' locations are specified in a single call.
#' @param starts Start locations, either \code{m_vector3()} or \code{m_sel()}
#' @param ends End locations, either \code{m_vector3()} or \code{m_sel()}
#' and end locations.
#' @keywords internal
.m_multi_spec <- function(
                          ends) {
  # get number of starting and ending points
  length_starts <- length(starts)
  length_ends <- length(ends)

  # For each given start location, match it with an end location and combine
  # into a list of specifications, each with a start and end location.
  line_list <- list()

  for (i in 1:length_starts) {
    spec <- list(
      start = starts[[i]],
      end = ends[[i]]
    line_list[[i]] <- spec

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