Man pages for rbtc
Bitcoin API

addnodeRPC-JSON API: addnode
ANSRPC-classThe ANSRPC class
base58CheckDecodeBase 58 binary-to-text-decoding
base58CheckEncodeBase 58 binary-to-text-encoding
bkfeeCompute fee in a block
blockattimeBlock height at time
blockstatsObtaining statistics of a block
BTCADR-classS4 class BTCADR
clearbannedRPC-JSON API: clearbanned
concatHexConcatenate two hex strings
conrpcExtracting Configuration Settings
CONRPC-classThe CONRPC class
createBtcAdrCreate BTC addresses
createPrivateKeyCreation of a private key
date2intConvert date/time to integer
decodeHexDecoding of a hex string
decoderawtransactionRPC-JSON API: decoderawtransaction
decodescriptRPC-JSON API: decodescript
disconnectnodeRPC-JSON API: disconnectnode
ecoperators-methodsElliptic curve operators
ecparamCreating objects of class ECPARAM
ECPARAM-classThe ECPARAM class
EcparamOrNull-classS4 Class Union ECPARAM or NULL
ecpointCreating objects of class ECPOINT
getaddednodeinfoRPC-JSON API: getaddednodeinfo
getbestblockhashRPC-JSON API: getbestblockhash
getblockRPC-JSON API: getblock
getblockchaininfoRPC-JSON API: getblockchaininfo
getblockcountRPC-JSON API: getblockcount
getblockhashRPC-JSON API: getblockhash
getblockheaderRPC-JSON API: getblockheader
getchaintipsRPC-JSON API: getchaintips
getchaintxstatsRPC-JSON API: getchaintxstats
getconnectioncountRPC-JSON API: getconnectioncount
getdifficultyRPC-JSON API: getdifficulty
gethelpRPC-JSON API: Help
getinfoRPC-JSON API: getinfo
getmempoolancestorsRPC-JSON API: getmempoolancestors
getmempooldescendantsRPC-JSON API: getmempooldescendants
getmempoolentryRPC-JSON API: getmempoolentry
getmempoolinfoRPC-JSON API: getmempoolinfo
getnettotalsRPC-JSON API: getnettotals
getnetworkinfoRPC-JSON API: getnetworkinfo
getpeerinfoRPC-JSON API: getpeerinfo
getrawmempoolRPC-JSON API: getrawmempool
getrawtransactionRPC-JSON API: getrawtransaction
gettxoutRPC-JSON API: gettxout
gettxoutproofRPC-JSON API: gettxoutproof
gettxoutsetinfoRPC-JSON API: gettxoutsetinfo
getwalletinfoRPC-JSON API: getwalletinfo
hash160BTC hash160
hash256BTC hash256
int2dateConvert time stamp to POSIX
intMaxDayInteger representation of a day-end
intMinDayInteger representation of a day-begin
intRangeDayInteger range within a day
intRangePeriodInteger range between two dates
isNull-methodsTest for empty EC point
listbannedRPC-JSON API: listbanned
NullOrCharacter-classS4 Class Union NULL or character
NullOrInteger-classS4 Class Union NULL or integer
pingRPC-JSON API: ping
preciousblockRPC-JSON API: preciousblock
PrivKey2PubKeyCreate public key from private key
PrivKey2WifCreate WIF from a private key
pruneblockchainRPC-JSON API: pruneblockchain
PubHash2BtcAdrCreate BTC address from public key hash
PubKey2PubHashCreate public key hash from 512-bit public key
rpcpostHTTP post of RPC-JSON
setnetworkactiveRPC-JSON API: setnetworkactive
startbtcStart bitcoind server process
stopbtcStop bitcoind server process
timeofblockTime of a block
txfeeCompute fee of a transaction
txidsRetrieve TX Ids in block
txinidsRetrieving the input transaction IDs
txstatsStatistics of a transaction
utxoageAge of UTXOs
utxotypeRetrieving types of UTXOs
utxovalueRetrieving values of UTXOs
validBtcAdrValidate S4-class BTCADR
verifychainRPC-JSON API: verifychain
verifytxoutproofRPC-JSON API: verifytxoutproof
Wif2PrivKeyCreate private key from WIF
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