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Recurrent Event Data Analysis

AIC-rateReg-methodAkaike Information Criterion (AIC)
baseRateEstimated Baseline Rate Function
baseRate.rateReg-classAn S4 Class Representing Estimated Baseline Rate Function
BIC-rateReg-methodBayesian Information Criterion (BIC)
coef-rateReg-methodEstimated Coefficients of Covariates
confint-rateReg-methodConfidence Intervals for Covariate Coefficients
mcfMean Cumulative Function (MCF)
mcfDiffComparing Two-Sample MCFs
mcfDiff-classAn S4 Class Representing Sample MCF Difference
mcfDiff.test-classAn S4 Class Representing the Two-Sample Pseudo-Score Test...
mcf.formula-classAn S4 Class Representing Sample MCF
mcf.rateReg-classAn S4 Class Respresenting Estimated MCF from a Fitted Model
parametrizeParametrizations of Covariates and Covariate Coefficients
plot-methodPlot Baseline Rate or Mean Cumulative Function (MCF)
rateRegRecurrent Events Regression Based on Counts and Rate Function
rateReg-classAn S4 Class Representing a Fitted Model
reda-packageRecurrent Event Data Analysis
show-methodShow an object.
simEventSimulated Survival times or Recurrent Events
simEvent-classAn S4 Class for Simulated Recurrent Event or Survival Times
simuDatSimulated Sample Dataset for Demonstration
summary.rateReg-classAn S4 Class Representing Summary of a Fitted Model
summary-rateReg-methodSummarizing a Fitted Model
SurvrFormula Response for Recurrent Event Data
Survr-classAn S4 Class Representing Formula Response
valveSeatsValve Seats Dataset
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