simuDat: Simulated Sample Dataset for Demonstration


A simulated data frame with covariates named ID, time, event, group, x1, and gender, where


A data frame with 500 rows and 6 variables.


The sample dataset is originally simulated by the thinning method developed by Lewis and Shedler (1979) and further processed for a better demonstration purpose. See Fu et al. (2016) for details also.


Lewis, P. A., & Shedler, G. S. (1979). Simulation of nonhomogeneous Poisson processes by thinning. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, 26(3), 403–413.

Fu, H., Luo, J., & Qu, Y. (2016). Hypoglycemic events analysis via recurrent time-to-event (HEART) models. Journal Of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 26(2), 280–298.

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