redcapAPI: R Interface to REDCap

Access data stored in REDCap databases using the Application Programming Interface (API). REDCap (Research Electronic Data CAPture) is a web application for building and managing online surveys and databases developed at Vanderbilt University. The API allows users to access data and project meta data (such as the data dictionary) from the web programmatically. The redcapAPI package facilitates the process of accessing data with options to prepare an analysis-ready data set consistent with the definitions in a database's data dictionary.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorBenjamin Nutter. Initiated by Jeffrey Horner and Will Gray with contributions from Jeremy Stephens, and Will Beasley
Date of publication2015-03-14 09:35:09
MaintainerStephen Lane <>

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allocationTable Man page
allocationTable_offline Man page
allocationTable.redcapApiConnection Man page
allocationTable.redcapDbConnection Man page
apiCall Man page
deleteFiles Man page
deleteFiles.redcapApiConnection Man page
deleteFiles.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportArms Man page
exportArms.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportArms.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportEvents Man page
exportEvents.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportEvents.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportFiles Man page
exportFiles.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportFiles.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportInstruments Man page
exportInstruments.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportInstruments.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportMappings Man page
exportMappings.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportMappings.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportMetaData Man page
exportMetaData.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportMetaData.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportRecords Man page
exportRecords_offline Man page
exportRecords.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportRecords.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportReports Man page
exportReports.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportReports.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportUsers Man page
exportUsers.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportUsers.redcapDbConnection Man page
exportVersion Man page
exportVersion.redcapApiConnection Man page
exportVersion.redcapDbConnection Man page
fieldToVar Man page
importFiles Man page
importFiles.redcapApiConnection Man page
importFiles.redcapDbConnection Man page
importRecords Man page
importRecords.redcapApiConnection Man page
importRecords.redcapDbConnection Man page
parseBranchingLogic Man page
queryRecords Man page
recodeCheck Man page
redcapAPI Man page
redcapAPI-package Man page
redcapConnection Man page
redcapFactorFlip Man page
redcapProjectInfo Man page
redcapProjectInfo.redcapApiConnection Man page
redcapProjectInfo.redcapDbConnection Man page
syncUnderscoreCodings Man page
validateImport Man page

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