Man pages for redcapAPI
Interface to 'REDCap'

allocationTableGenerate Allocation Tables for the Randomization Module
armsMethodsExport, Import, and Delete Arms from a Project
attributeAssignmentHelper Functions for 'exportRecordsType' Attributes
checkbox_suffixesCheckbox Suffixes
cleanseMetaDataClean Meta Data of UTF Characters
createFileRepositoryFolderCreate a Folder in the File Repository
dagAssignmentMethodsExport and Import Users Assigned to Data Access Groups
dagMethodsExport, Import, Delete Data Access Groups from a Project
deleteRecordsDelete Records from a Project
deprecated_redcapProjectInfoDeprecated Functions
dropRepeatingNADrop Row Where Repeat Instrument Is NA
eventsMethodsExport, Import, and Delete Event Settings
exportBulkRecordsA helper function to export multiple records and forms using...
exportBundlePerform a bundle of API calls.
exportFieldNamesExport the Complete Field Names for a REDCap Project
exportFileRepositoryListingExport a Listing of Folders and Files in the File Repository
exportInstrumentsExport Instruments Defined in a Project
exportLoggingExport Logging Records
exportPdfExport PDF file of Data Collection Instruments
exportVersionExport the REDCap Version Number
ExtractionExtraction and Assignment for 'redcapFactor's
fieldCastingFunctionsFunctions for Casting Fields After Export (Post Processing)
fieldChoiceMappingSplit a Field Choice Mapping Into a Two Column Matrix
fieldToVarConvert a REDCap Data Field to an R Vector
fieldValidationAndCastingHelper functions for 'exportRecordsTyped' Validation and...
fileMethodsExport, Import, or Delete Files to a Field in a REDCap...
fileRepositoryMethodsExport, Import, or Delete Multiple Files from the File...
fileRepositoryPathReconstruct the file repository path
filterEmptyRowRemove Rows Containing Only Missing Values
fromFileRepositoryMethodsExport, Import, and Delete Individual Files from the File...
getProjectIdFieldsReturn a vector of the Project ID Fields
importRecordsImport Records to a Project
invalidSummaryHelper functions for formatting validation failure report
isZeroCodedCheckFieldIdentify Check Fields with a Zero Coded Option
makeApiCallMake REDCap API Calls
mappingMethodsExport and Import Instrument-Event Mappings
massertConduct Multiple Assertions
metaDataMethodsExport and Import the Project Meta Data (Data Dictionary)
missingSummaryReport of Missing Values
parseBranchingLogicParse Branching Logic
prepUserImportDataPrepare User Data for Import
projectInformationMethodsExport and Import Project Settings
purgeRestoreProjectPurge and Restore Project Data
recodeCheckChange labeling of 'checkbox' variables
reconstituteFileFromExportSave a File to a Local Directory from a Response
recordsManagementMethodsExport Next Record Name or Rename a Record
recordsMethodsExport Records and Reports
recordsTypedMethodsExport Records or Reports From a Project
redcapAPIAccess data, meta data, and files from REDCap using the API
redcapConnectionConnect to a REDCap Database
redcapDataStructuresREDCap Data Structures
redcapErrorHandle Errors from the REDCap API
redcapFactorFlipConvert REDCap factors between labeled and coded
repeatingInstrumentMethodsExport or Import Repeating Instrument and Events Settings
reviewInvalidRecordsReview Invalid Records Following Field Validation
splitFormsSplit a Data Frame into its Forms
stringCleanupRemove Undesired Characters From Strings
surveyMethodsExport Survey Participant Information
switchDagSwitch Data Access Group Assignment for the Current User
syncUnderscoreCodingsSynchronize coding of checkbox variables between meta data...
unlockREDCapOpen REDCap connections using cryptolocker for storage of...
userMethodsExport, Import, or Delete Users and User Permissisons
userRoleAssignmentMethodsExport or Import User-Role Assignments
userRoleMethodsExport, Import, or Delete User Roles in a Project
validateImportValidate Data Frames for Import
vectorToApiBodyListConvert R Vector To List for the API Call Body
widerRepeatedTransform Data Into Wide Format
writeDataForImportPrepare a Data Frame for Import Through the API
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