Quick Start Guide

There are 2 basic functions that are key to understanding the major changes with this version:

Here's a typical call for these two:


options(keyring_backend=keyring::backend_file) # Put in .Rprofile

unlockREDCap(c(rcon    = '<MY PROJECT NAME>'),
             keyring     = 'API_KEYs',
             envir       = globalenv(),
             url         = 'https://<REDCAP_URL>/api/')
exportBulkRecords(list(db = rcon),
  forms = list(db = unique(rcon$metadata()$form_name)),
  envir = globalenv())

The <MY PROJECT NAME> is a reference for whatever you wish to call this REDCap project. The rcon is the variable you wish to assign it too. The keyring is a name for this key ring. If one uses 'API_KEYs' for all your projects, you'll have one big keyring for all your API_KEYs locally encrypted. The url is the standard url for the api. The passwordFUN specified is an override if one is using RStudio. It's not required, but on a Mac this is the only option that works well. The envir call is where to write the connection object; if not specified the call will return a list.

The next call to exportBulkRecords, says to export by form and leave out records not filled out and columns not part of a form. The first argument is specifying a db reference to the connection opened and naming it the same thing. The second call is saying for this connection export back the all the forms present in that db. The envir has it writing it back to the global environment as variables. Any parameter not recognized is passed to the exportRecordsTyped call.

These two calls will handle most analysis requests. To truly understand all these changes see: vignette("redcapAPI-best-practices")


2.7.0 includes exportRecordsTyped which is a major move forward for the package. It replaces exportRecords with a far more stable and dependable call. It includes retries with exponential backoff through the connection object. It has inversion of control over casting, and has a useful validation report attached when things fail. It is worth the time to convert calls to exportRecords to exportRecordsTyped and begin using this new routine. It is planned that in the next year exportRecords will be removed from the package.

Back Matter

NOTE: Ownership transfer of this package to VUMC Biostatistics is complete.

The research community owes a big thanks to Benjamin Nutter for his years of service keeping this package current.

The package redcapAPI is an R interface to REDCap (, originally created by Jeffrey Horner.

Please read the documentation on your institutions REDCap installation.

Issues may be reported at Issues

This package was developed under REDCap Version 13.8.2. Institutions can be a little behind on updating REDCap and so some features of the API may not always work.

Coding Style Guideline Note

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Any scripts or data that you put into this service are public.

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