cleanseMetaData: Clean Meta Data of UTF Characters

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Clean Meta Data of UTF Characters


There have been isolated cases observed where certain characters in the data dictionary prevent it from being downloaded correctly. In one case, the data dictionary could not be downloaded at all through the API. It is suspected that these problematic characters are a result of copying and pasting text out of word processing programs. The problematic characters are not necessarily visible and their exact location can be difficult to identify. As a last resort, cleanseMetaData can read a meta data file downloaded through the user interface, purge it of any UTF-8 characters, and write an alternate data dictionary that contains only ASCII characters.


cleanseMetaData(meta_data_file, meta_data_clean, overwrite = FALSE)



character(1) the path to a meta data file that has been downloaded using the REDCap user interface.


character(1) the path of the file to which the cleaned meta data will be written.


logical(1) Permit the new file to overwrite an existing file.

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