Man pages for rlibkriging
Kriging Models using the 'libKriging' Library

as.kmCoerce an Object into a 'km' Object a 'Kriging' Object into the Class '"km"' a 'NoiseKriging' Object into the Class '"km"' a 'NuggetKriging' Object into the Class '"km"'
as.list.KrigingCoerce a 'Kriging' Object into a List
as.list.NoiseKrigingCoerce a 'NoiseKriging' Object into a List
as.list.NuggetKrigingCoerce a 'NuggetKriging' Object into a List
KMCreate an 'KM' Object
KM-classS4 class for Kriging Models Extending the '"km"' Class
KrigingCreate a 'Kriging' Object using 'libKriging'
leaveOneOutCompute Leave-One-Out
leaveOneOutFunLeave-One-Out function
leaveOneOutFun.KrigingLeave-One-Out Method for the S3 class '"Kriging"'
leaveOneOut.KrigingGet leaveOneOut of Kriging Model
logLikelihoodCompute Log-Likelihood
logLikelihoodFunLog-Likelihood function
logLikelihoodFun.KrigingCompute Log-Likelihood of Kriging Model
logLikelihoodFun.NoiseKrigingCompute Log-Likelihood of NoiseKriging Model
logLikelihoodFun.NuggetKrigingCompute Log-Likelihood of NuggetKriging Model
logLikelihood.KrigingGet Log-Likelihood of Kriging Model
logLikelihood.NoiseKrigingGet logLikelihood of NoiseKriging Model
logLikelihood.NuggetKrigingGet logLikelihood of NuggetKriging Model
logMargPostCompute log-Marginal Posterior
logMargPostFunlog-Marginal Posterior function
logMargPostFun.KrigingCompute Log-Marginal-Posterior of Kriging Model
logMargPostFun.NuggetKrigingCompute Log-Marginal-Posterior of NuggetKriging Model
logMargPost.KrigingGet logMargPost of Kriging Model
logMargPost.NuggetKrigingGet logMargPost of NuggetKriging Model
NoiseKMCreate an 'NoiseKM' Object
NoiseKM-classS4 class for NoiseKriging Models Extending the '"km"' Class
NoiseKrigingCreate a 'NoiseKriging' Object using 'libKriging'
NuggetKMCreate an 'NuggetKM' Object
NuggetKM-classS4 class for NuggetKriging Models Extending the '"km"' Class
NuggetKrigingCreate a 'NuggetKriging' Object using 'libKriging'
predict-KM-methodPrediction Method for a 'KM' Object
predict.KrigingPrediction Method for a 'Kriging' Object
predict-NoiseKM-methodPrediction Method for a 'NoiseKM' Object
predict.NoiseKrigingPrediction Method for a 'NoiseKriging' Object
predict-NuggetKM-methodPrediction Method for a 'NuggetKM' Object
predict.NuggetKrigingPrediction Method for a 'NuggetKriging' Object
print.KrigingPrint a 'Kriging' object
print.NoiseKrigingPrint a 'NoiseKriging' object
print.NuggetKrigingPrint a 'NuggetKriging' object
simulate-KM-methodSimulation from a 'KM' Object
simulate.KrigingSimulation from a 'Kriging' Object
simulate-NoiseKM-methodSimulation from a 'NoiseKM' Object
simulate.NoiseKrigingSimulation from a 'NoiseKriging' Object
simulate-NuggetKM-methodSimulation from a 'NuggetKM' Object
simulate.NuggetKrigingSimulation from a 'NuggetKriging' Object
update-KM-methodUpdate a 'KM' Object with New Points
update.KrigingUpdate a 'Kriging' Object with New Points
update-NoiseKM-methodUpdate a 'NoiseKM' Object with New Points
update.NoiseKrigingUpdate a 'NoiseKriging' Object with New Points
update-NuggetKM-methodUpdate a 'NuggetKM' Object with New Points
update.NuggetKrigingUpdate a 'NuggetKriging' Object with New Points
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