Man pages for rms
Regression Modeling Strategies

anova.rmsAnalysis of Variance (Wald and F Statistics)
bjBuckley-James Multiple Regression Model
bootBCaBCa Bootstrap on Existing Bootstrap Replicates
bootcovBootstrap Covariance and Distribution for Regression...
bplot3-D Plots Showing Effects of Two Continuous Predictors in a...
calibrateResampling Model Calibration
contrastGeneral Contrasts of Regression Coefficients
cphCox Proportional Hazards Model and Extensions
cr.setupContinuation Ratio Ordinal Logistic Setup
datadistDistribution Summaries for Predictor Variables
ExProbFunction Generator For Exceedance Probabilities
fastbwFast Backward Variable Selection
FunctionCompose an S Function to Compute X beta from a Fit
gendataGenerate Data Frame with Predictor Combinations
ggplot.PredictPlot Effects of Variables Estimated by a Regression Model Fit...
gIndexCalculate Total and Partial g-indexes for an rms Fit
Glmrms Version of glm
GlsFit Linear Model Using Generalized Least Squares
groupkmKaplan-Meier Estimates vs. a Continuous Variable
hazard.ratio.plotHazard Ratio Plot
ie.setupIntervening Event Setup
latex.cphLaTeX Representation of a Fitted Cox Model
latexrmsLaTeX Representation of a Fitted Model
lrmLogistic Regression Model
lrm.fitLogistic Model Fitter
matinvTotal and Partial Matrix Inversion using Gauss-Jordan Sweep...
nomogramDraw a Nomogram Representing a Regression Fit
npsurvNonparametric Survival Estimates for Censored Data
olsLinear Model Estimation Using Ordinary Least Squares
ormOrdinal Regression Model
orm.fitOrdinal Regression Model Fitter
pentraceTrace AIC and BIC vs. Penalty
plotp.PredictPlot Effects of Variables Estimated by a Regression Model Fit...
plot.PredictPlot Effects of Variables Estimated by a Regression Model Fit
plot.xmean.ordinalyPlot Mean X vs. Ordinal Y
pphsmParametric Proportional Hazards form of AFT Models
predab.resamplePredictive Ability using Resampling
PredictCompute Predicted Values and Confidence Limits
predict.lrmPredicted Values for Binary and Ordinal Logistic Models
predictrmsPredicted Values from Model Fit
print.cphPrint cph Results
print.olsPrint ols
psmParametric Survival Model
residuals.cphResiduals for a cph Fit
residuals.lrmResiduals from an 'lrm' or 'orm' Fit
residuals.olsResiduals for ols
rmsrms Methods and Generic Functions
rms-internalInternal rms functions
rmsMiscMiscellaneous Design Attributes and Utility Functions
rms.transrms Special Transformation Functions
robcovRobust Covariance Matrix Estimates
Rqrms Package Interface to quantreg Package
sensucSensitivity to Unmeasured Covariables
setPbProgress Bar for Simulations
specs.rmsrms Specifications for Models
summary.rmsSummary of Effects in Model
survest.cphCox Survival Estimates
survest.psmParametric Survival Estimates
survfit.cphCox Predicted Survival
survplotPlot Survival Curves and Hazard Functions
validateResampling Validation of a Fitted Model's Indexes of Fit
validate.cphValidation of a Fitted Cox or Parametric Survival Model's...
validate.lrmResampling Validation of a Logistic or Ordinal Regression...
validate.olsValidation of an Ordinary Linear Model
validate.rpartDxy and Mean Squared Error by Cross-validating a Tree...
validate.RqValidation of a Quantile Regression Model
val.probValidate Predicted Probabilities
val.survValidate Predicted Probabilities Against Observed Survival...
vifVariance Inflation Factors
which.influenceWhich Observations are Influential
zzzrmsOverviewOverview of rms Package
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