Man pages for robustbase
Basic Robust Statistics

adjboxPlot an Adjusted Boxplot for Skew Distributions
adjboxStatsStatistics for Skewness-adjusted Boxplots
adjOutlyingnessCompute (Skewness-adjusted) Multivariate Outlyingness
aircraftAircraft Data
airmayAir Quality Data
alcoholAlcohol Solubility in Water Data
ambientNOxCHDaily Means of NOx (mono-nitrogen oxides) in air
Animals2Brain and Body Weights for 65 Species of Land Animals
anova.glmrobAnalysis of Robust Quasi-Deviance for "glmrob" Objects
anova.lmrobAnalysis of Robust Deviances ('anova') for "lmrob" Objects
biomassTillBiomass Tillage Data
bushfireCampbell Bushfire Data
BYlogregBianco-Yohai Estimator for Robust Logistic Regression
carrotsInsect Damages on Carrots
chgDefaults-methodsChange Defaults (Parameters) of "Psi Function" Objects
classPCCompute Classical Principal Components via SVD or Eigen
cloudCloud point of a Liquid
colemanColeman Data Set
colMediansFast Row or Column-wise Medians of a Matrix
condrozCondroz Data
covComedCo-Median Location and Scatter "Covariance" Estimator
covMcdRobust Location and Scatter Estimation via MCD
covOGKOrthogonalized Gnanadesikan-Kettenring (OGK) Covariance...
covPlotRobust Distance Plots
CrohnDCrohn's Disease Adverse Events Data
cushnyCushny and Peebles Prolongation of Sleep Data
deliveryDelivery Time Data
educationEducation Expenditure Data
epilepsyEpilepsy Attacks Data Set
estimethodExtract the Estimation Method 'Estimethod' from a Fitted...
exAMExample Data of Antille and May - for Simple Regression
foodstampFood Stamp Program Participation
fullRankRemove Columns (or Rows) From a Matrix to Make It Full Rank
functionXal-classClass "functionXal" of Functionals (of Psi-like functions)
functionX-classClass "functionX" of Psi-like Vectorized Functions
glmrobRobust Fitting of Generalized Linear Models
glmrob.controlControlling Robust GLM Fitting by Different Methods
h.alpha.nCompute h, the subsample size for MCD and LTS
hbkHawkins, Bradu, Kass's Artificial Data
heartHeart Catherization Data
huberizeHuberization - Bringing Outliers In
huberMSafe (generalized) Huber M-Estimator of Location
kootenayWaterflow Measurements of Kootenay River in Libby and Newgate
lacticLactic Acid Concentration Measurement Data
lmc-rmcLeft and Right Medcouple, Robust Measures of Tail Weight
lmrobMM-type Estimators for Linear Regression
lmrob.controlTuning Parameters for lmrob() and Auxiliaries
lmrob..D..fitCompute Design Adaptive Scale estimate
lmrob.fitMM-type estimator for regression
lmrob.larLeast Absolute Residuals / L1 Regression
lmrob..M..fitCompute M-estimators of regression
lmrob.M.SM-S regression estimators
lmrob.SS-regression estimators
losLength of Stay Data
ltsPlotRobust LTS Regression Diagnostic Plots
ltsRegLeast Trimmed Squares Robust (High Breakdown) Regression
mcMedcouple, a Robust Measure of Skewness
milkDaudin's Milk Composition Data
M.psiPsi / Chi / Wgt / Rho Functions for *M-Estimation
nlrobRobust Fitting of Nonlinear Regression Models
nlrob-algosMM-, Tau-, CM-, and MTL- Estimators for Nonlinear Robust...
nlrob.controlControl Nonlinear Robust Regression Algorithms
NOxEmissionsNOx Air Pollution Data
outlierStatsRobust Regression Outlier Statistics
pensionPension Funds Data
phosphorPhosphorus Content Data
pilotPilot-Plant Data
plot.lmrobPlot Method for "lmrob" Objects
plot-methodsPlot an Object of the "Psi Function" Class
possumDivPossum Diversity Data
predict.glmrobPredict Method for Robust GLM ("glmrob") Fits
predict.lmrobPredict method for Robust Linear Model ("lmrob") Fits
print.lmrobPrint Method for Objects of Class "lmrob"
psiFindcFind Tuning Constant(s) for "lqq" and "ggw" Psi Functions
psiFuncConstructor for Objects "Psi Function" Class
psi_func-classClass of "Psi Functions" for M-Estimation
pulpfiberPulp Fiber and Paper Data
QnRobust Location-Free Scale Estimate More Efficient than MAD
r6packRobust Distance based observation orderings based on robust...
radarImageSatellite Radar Image Data from near Munich
rankMMSimple Matrix Rank
residuals.glmrobResiduals of Robust Generalized Linear Model Fits
robustbase-internalInternal Functions of Package 'robustbase'
rrcov.controlControl Settings for covMcd and ltsReg
salinitySalinity Data
scaleTau2Robust Tau-Estimate of Scale
SiegelsExSiegel's Exact Fit Example Data
sigmaExtract 'Sigma' - Standard Deviation of Errors for Robust...
smoothWgtSmooth Weighting Function - Generalized Biweight
SnRobust Location-Free Scale Estimate More Efficient than MAD
splitFrameSplit Continuous and Categorical Predictors
starsCYGHertzsprung-Russell Diagram Data of Star Cluster CYG OB1
steamUseSteam Usage Data (Excerpt)
summarizeRobWeightsPrint a Nice "summary" of Robustness Weights
summary.glmrobSummarizing Robust Fits of Generalized Linear Models
summary.lmrobSummary Method for "lmrob" Objects
summary.ltsSummary Method for LTS objects
summary.mcdSummary Method for MCD objects
summary.nlrobSummarizing Robust Fits of Nonlinear Regression Models
telefNumber of International Calls from Belgium
tolEllipsePlotTolerance Ellipse Plot
toxicityToxicity of Carboxylic Acids Data
tukeyPsi1Tukey's Bi-square Score (Psi) and "Chi" (Rho) Functions and...
vasoVaso Constriction Skin Data Set
wagnerGrowthWagner's Hannover Employment Growth Data
weights.lmrobExtract Robustness and Model Weights
wgt.himedianWeighted Hi-Median
woodModified Data on Wood Specific Gravity
xtrDataExtreme Data examples
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