rpanel: Simple interactive controls for R using the tcltk library.

rpanel provides a set of functions to build simple GUI controls for R functions. These are built on the tcltk package. Uses could include changing a parameter on a graph by animating it with a slider or a "doublebutton", up to more sophisticated control panels. Some functions for specific graphical tasks, referred to as 'cartoons', are provided.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorBowman, Bowman, Gibson and Crawford
Date of publication2014-02-28 12:13:07
MaintainerAdrian Bowman <adrian.bowman@glasgow.ac.uk>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aircond: Intervals between the failure of air-conditioning equipment...

Clyde: Water quality in the River Clyde

CofE: Giving in the Church of England

gullweight: The weights of herring gulls captured at different times of...

luthor: Repeated measurements on leutinizing hormone in cows

poisons: Survival times of animals subjected to different poisons and...

river: Temperature and DO threshold in the River Clyde

rodent: The mass and speed of quadrupedal rodents

rp.ancova: Interactive analysis of covariance

rpanel.package: Simple interactive controls for R functions using the tcltk...

rp.anova: Interactive analysis of variance

rp.block: Blocks use of the R console until a panel is closed

rp.bubbleplot: Animated scatterplot

rp.button: Button control for rpanel

rp.cartoons: Access to a collection of rpanel illustrations

rp.checkbox: A checkbox control for rpanel

rp.ci: Simulations of normal-based confidence intervals

rp.clearlines: Remove lines from an rpanel image

rp.colour.key: Creates a colour key.

rp.combo: A 'combo' for a panel

rp.control: Create or dispose of an rpanel

rp.control.put: Updates the panel environment with the current value of the...

rp.deleteline: Removes a line from an rpanel image

rp.do: Runs a user-written action function

rp.doublebutton: Double-button widget for rpanel

rp.firth: Geostatistical sampling and analysis simulation tool

rp.geosim: Interactive visualisation of spatially correlated random...

rp.grid: Define a subsidiary grid within an rpanel

rp.gulls: STEPS module: the Birds and the Bees

rp.image: Placement of an image within a rpanel

rp.likelihood: Interactive inspection of one- or two-parameter likelihood...

rp.line: Draws a line on an rpanel image

rp.listbox: Listbox for a panel

rp.logistic: Interactive display of logistic regression with a single...

rp.menu: Top level menu for a panel

rp.messagebox: Displays a message

rp.mururoa: Sampling in Mururoa Atoll

rp.normal: Interactive fitting of a normal distribution

rp.notebook: Define a notebook within an rpanel

rp.panel: Returns a panel

rp.plot3d: Interactive display of a plot of three variables

rp.plot4d: Animated scatterplot

rp.pos: Positioning controls in an rpanel

rp.power: Interactive power calculations for a two-sample t-test

rp.radiogroup: Radiobuttons for a panel

rp.regression: Interactive display of regression with one or two covariates

rp.rmplot: Interactive plotting of repeated measurement data

rp.screenresolution: Screen resolution

rp.slider: Slider for an rpanel

rp.surface: Interactive visualisation of a surface and its uncertainty

rp.tables: Interactive statistical tables

rp.text: Text boxes for a panel

rp.textentry: Text entry boxes for a panel

rp.timer: Creates a series of timed actions

rp.tkrplot: rpanel calls for tkrplot and tkrreplot

rp.var.get: Retrieves an object from the rpanel envrionment, usually from...

rp.var.put: Places an object in the rpanel envrionment, usually within a...

rp.widget.dispose: Removes a widget

SO2: Sulphur dioxide measurements over Europe

worldbank: Data on CO2 emissions, GDP, life.expectancy and population...


aircond Man page
Clyde Man page
co2.emissions Man page
CofE Man page
gdp Man page
gullweight Man page
life.expectancy Man page
luthor Man page
poisons Man page
population Man page
river Man page
rodent Man page
rp.ancova Man page
rpanel Man page
rpanel-package Man page
rp.anova Man page
rp.block Man page
rp.bubbleplot Man page
rp.button Man page
rp.cartoons Man page
rp.checkbox Man page
rp.ci Man page
rp.clearlines Man page
rp.colour.key Man page
rp.combo Man page
rp.control Man page
rp.control.dispose Man page
rp.control.put Man page
rp.deleteline Man page
rp.do Man page
rp.doublebutton Man page
rp.firth Man page
rp.geosim Man page
rp.grid Man page
rp.gulls Man page
rp.image Man page
rp.likelihood Man page
rp.line Man page
rp.listbox Man page
rp.logistic Man page
rp.menu Man page
rp.messagebox Man page
rp.mururoa Man page
rp.normal Man page
rp.notebook Man page
rp.notebook.raise Man page
rp.panel Man page
rp.plot3d Man page
rp.plot4d Man page
rp.pos Man page
rp.power Man page
rp.radiogroup Man page
rp.regression Man page
rp.regression2 Man page
rp.rmplot Man page
rp.screenresolution Man page
rp.slider Man page
rp.slider.change Man page
rp.spacetime Man page
rp.surface Man page
rp.tables Man page
rp.text Man page
rp.text.change Man page
rp.textentry Man page
rp.timer Man page
rp.tkrplot Man page
rp.tkrreplot Man page
rp.var.get Man page
rp.var.put Man page
rp.widget.dispose Man page
SO2 Man page
worldbank Man page


demo/rp.assign.r demo/rp.grid.r demo/rp.menu.r demo/rp.combo.r demo/rp.control.r demo/rp.slider.r demo/rp.notebook.r demo/rp.messagebox.r demo/rp.button.r demo/rp.block.r demo/rp.textentry.r
demo/rp.tkrplot.r demo/rp.radiogroup.r demo/rp.gulls.r demo/rp.listbox.r demo/rp.pos.r demo/rp.table.r demo/rp.image.r demo/rp.text.r demo/rp.doublebutton.r demo/rp.checkbox.r
R/text.r R/notebook.r R/rp-anova.r R/button.r R/grid.r R/doublebutton.r R/radiogroup.r R/combo.r
R/rp-power.r R/rp-normal.r R/checkbox.r R/rp-plot3d.r R/menu.r R/rp-ancova.r R/image.r R/rp-logistic.r R/messagebox.r R/tkrplot.r R/pos.r R/rp-surface.r R/rp-likelihood.r R/rp-gulls.r R/rp-geosim.r R/slider.r R/rp-tables.r R/listbox.r R/rp-plot4d.r R/rp-regression2.r R/rp-bubbleplot.r R/timer.r R/rp-cartoons.r R/rp-mururoa.r R/rp-regression.r R/window.r R/rpanel.r R/rp-rmplot.r R/textentry.r R/rp-colour-key.r R/rp-ci.r R/rp-firth.r
man/rp.rmplot.Rd man/rp.plot4d.Rd man/rp.control.Rd man/poisons.Rd man/rp.image.Rd man/rp.notebook.Rd man/rp.mururoa.Rd man/rp.checkbox.Rd man/river.Rd man/rp.slider.Rd man/rp.tables.Rd man/rp.normal.Rd man/rp.doublebutton.Rd man/rp.deleteline.Rd man/rp.widget.dispose.Rd man/rp.textentry.Rd man/rp.ci.Rd man/rp.geosim.Rd man/rp.bubbleplot.Rd man/rp.tkrplot.Rd man/rp.control.put.Rd man/rp.do.Rd man/rp.grid.Rd man/SO2.Rd man/rp.screenresolution.Rd man/worldbank.Rd man/CofE.Rd man/rp.clearlines.Rd man/rp.anova.Rd man/rp.block.Rd man/rpanel.package.Rd man/rp.gulls.Rd man/rp.menu.Rd man/rp.logistic.Rd man/gullweight.Rd man/rp.radiogroup.Rd man/rp.power.Rd man/rp.regression.Rd man/rp.combo.Rd man/rp.var.get.Rd man/rp.firth.Rd man/rp.surface.Rd man/rp.likelihood.Rd man/rp.panel.Rd man/rp.listbox.Rd man/rp.button.Rd man/rp.timer.Rd man/luthor.Rd man/Clyde.Rd man/rp.pos.Rd man/rp.ancova.Rd man/rodent.Rd man/rp.messagebox.Rd man/aircond.Rd man/rp.cartoons.Rd man/rp.line.Rd man/rp.text.Rd man/rp.plot3d.Rd man/rp.var.put.Rd man/rp.colour.key.Rd
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