Man pages for rpanel
Simple Interactive Controls for R using the 'tcltk' Package

aircondIntervals between the failure of air-conditioning equipment...
ClydeWater quality in the River Clyde
CofEGiving in the Church of England
gullweightThe weights of herring gulls captured at different times of...
luthorRepeated measurements on leutinizing hormone in cows
poisonsSurvival times of animals subjected to different poisons and...
riverTemperature and DO threshold in the River Clyde
rodentThe mass and speed of quadrupedal rodents
rp.ancovaInteractive analysis of covariance
rpanel.packageSimple interactive controls for R functions using the tcltk...
rp.anovaInteractive analysis of variance
rp.blockBlocks use of the R console until a panel is closed
rp.bubbleplotAnimated scatterplot
rp.buttonButton control for rpanel
rp.cartoonsAccess to a collection of rpanel illustrations
rp.checkboxA checkbox control for rpanel
rp.ciSimulations of normal-based confidence intervals
rp.clearlinesRemove lines from an rpanel image
rp.colour.keyCreates a colour key.
rp.comboA 'combo' for a panel
rp.controlCreate or dispose of an rpanel
rp.control.putUpdates the panel environment with the current value of the...
rp.deletelineRemoves a line from an rpanel image
rp.doRuns a user-written action function
rp.doublebuttonDouble-button widget for rpanel
rp.firthGeostatistical sampling and analysis simulation tool
rp.geosimInteractive visualisation of spatially correlated random...
rp.gridDefine a subsidiary grid within an rpanel
rp.gullsSTEPS module: the Birds and the Bees
rp.imagePlacement of an image within a rpanel
rp.likelihoodInteractive inspection of one- or two-parameter likelihood...
rp.lineDraws a line on an rpanel image
rp.listboxListbox for a panel
rp.logisticInteractive display of logistic regression with a single...
rp.menuTop level menu for a panel
rp.messageboxDisplays a message
rp.mururoaSampling in Mururoa Atoll
rp.normalInteractive fitting of a normal distribution
rp.notebookDefine a notebook within an rpanel
rp.panelReturns a panel
rp.plot3dInteractive display of a plot of three variables
rp.plot4dAnimated scatterplot
rp.posPositioning controls in an rpanel
rp.powerInteractive power calculations for a two-sample t-test
rp.radiogroupRadiobuttons for a panel
rp.regressionGraphical display of regression effects (interactive with one...
rp.rmplotInteractive plotting of repeated measurement data
rp.sampleInteractive demonstration of sampling variation
rp.screenresolutionScreen resolution
rp.sliderSlider for an rpanel
rp.surfaceInteractive visualisation of a surface and its uncertainty
rp.tablesInteractive statistical tables
rp.textText boxes for a panel
rp.textentryText entry boxes for a panel
rp.timerCreates a series of timed actions
rp.tkrplotrpanel calls for tkrplot and tkrreplot
rp.var.getRetrieves an object from the rpanel envrionment, usually from...
rp.var.putPlaces an object in the rpanel envrionment, usually within a...
rp.widget.disposeRemoves a widget
SO2Sulphur dioxide measurements over Europe
worldbankData on CO2 emissions, GDP, life.expectancy and population...
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