rodent: The mass and speed of quadrupedal rodents

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In an investigation of the relationship between mass (kg) and speed (km/hr) in mammals, Garland (1983) collected information from published articles on these two variables for a large number of different species. These measurements are given below for a variety of four-footed rodents. (The common names of the species are taken from Corbet & Hill (1986).) Notice that the measurements are not all recorded to the same level of accuracy since the results have been collated from the work of a number of different scientists.

The data are used in rp.cartoons.


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Garland, T. (1983). The relation between maximal running speed and body mass in terrestrial animals. Journal of the Zoological Society of London, 199, 155-170.

Corbet, G.B. & Hill, J.E. (1986). A World List of Mammalian Species. 2nd edition. London: British Museum, Natural History.

rpanel: Simple interactive controls for R functions using the tcltk package. Journal of Statistical Software, 17, issue 9.


## Not run: 
   with(rodent, {
     rp.regression(log(Mass), log(Speed))

## End(Not run)

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