Man pages for rstanarm
Bayesian Applied Regression Modeling via Stan

adapt_delta'adapt_delta': Target average acceptance probability
as.matrix.stanregExtract the posterior sample
available-algorithmsEstimation algorithms available for 'rstanarm' models
available-modelsModeling functions available in 'rstanarm'
bayes_R2.stanregCompute a Bayesian version of R-squared or LOO-adjusted...
example_jmExample joint longitudinal and time-to-event model
example_modelExample model
family.stanmvregfamily method for stanmvreg objects
family.stanregfamily method for stanreg objects
formula.stanregformula method for stanreg objects
get_yExtract X, Y or Z from a stanreg object
kfold.stanregK-fold cross-validation
launch_shinystan.stanregUsing the ShinyStan GUI with rstanarm models
log_lik.stanregPointwise log-likelihood matrix
loo_predict.stanregCompute weighted expectations using LOO
loo.stanregInformation criteria and cross-validation
model.frame.stanmvregmodel.frame method for stanmvreg objects
model.frame.stanregmodel.frame method for stanreg objects
model.matrix.stanregmodel.matrix method for stanreg objects
neg_binomial_2Family function for negative binomial GLMs
pairs.stanregPairs method for stanreg objects
plot.predict.stanjmPlot the estimated subject-specific or marginal longitudinal...
plot.stanregPlot method for stanreg objects
plot.survfit.stanjmPlot the estimated subject-specific or marginal survival...
posterior_interval.stanregPosterior uncertainty intervals
posterior_linpred.stanregPosterior distribution of the linear predictor
posterior_predict.stanregDraw from posterior predictive distribution
posterior_survfitEstimate subject-specific or standardised survival...
posterior_trajEstimate the subject-specific or marginal longitudinal...
posterior_vs_priorJuxtapose prior and posterior
pp_check.stanregGraphical posterior predictive checks
pp_validateModel validation via simulation
predictive_error.stanregIn-sample or out-of-sample predictive errors
predictive_interval.stanregPredictive intervals
predict.stanregPredict method for stanreg objects
print.stanregPrint method for stanreg objects
print.survfit.stanjmGeneric print method for 'survfit.stanjm' objects
priorsPrior distributions and options
prior_summary.stanregSummarize the priors used for an rstanarm model
ps_checkGraphical checks of the estimated survival function
QR-argumentThe 'QR' argument
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rstanarm-datasetsDatasets for rstanarm examples
rstanarm-deprecatedDeprecated functions
rstanarm-packageApplied Regression Modeling via RStan
seExtract standard errors
stan_betaregBayesian beta regression models via Stan
stan_biglmBayesian regularized linear but big models via Stan
stan_clogitConditional logistic (clogit) regression models via Stan
stan_gamm4Bayesian generalized linear additive models with optional...
stan_glmBayesian generalized linear models via Stan
stan_glmerBayesian generalized linear models with group-specific terms...
stan_jmBayesian joint longitudinal and time-to-event models via Stan
stan_lmBayesian regularized linear models via Stan
stan_mvmerBayesian multivariate generalized linear models with...
stanmvreg-methodsMethods for stanmvreg objects
stan_nlmerBayesian nonlinear models with group-specific terms via Stan
stan_polrBayesian ordinal regression models via Stan
stanreg_listCreate lists of fitted model objects, combine them, or append...
stanreg-methodsMethods for stanreg objects
stanreg-objectsFitted model objects
summary.stanregSummary method for stanreg objects
terms.stanmvregterms method for stanmvreg objects
terms.stanregterms method for stanreg objects
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