Man pages for rtables
Reporting Tables

add_colcountsAdd the column population counts to the header
add_combo_levelsAdd Combination Levels to split
add_existing_tableAdd an already calculated table to the layout
add_overall_colAdd Overall Column
add_overall_levelAdd an implicit 'overall' level to split
analyzeGenerate Rows Analyzing Variables Across Columns
analyze_colvarsGenerate Rows Analyzing Different Variables Across Columns
append_topleftAppend a description to the 'top-left' materials for the...
as_htmlConvert an 'rtable' object to a 'shiny.tag' html object
asvecconvert to a vector
avarsplDefine a subset tabulation/analysis
basic_tableLayout with 1 column and zero rows
bline_analysesAdd ref_group comparison analysis recipe
bracketsretrieve and assign elements of a TableTree
build_tableCreate a table from a layout and data
cbind_rtablescbind two rtables
cdisc_dataSimulated CDISC Alike Data for Examples
CellValueCell Value constructor
cell_valuesRetrieve cell values by row and column path
col_accessorsColumn information/structure accessors
collect_leavesCollect leaves of a table tree
compare_rtablesCompare two rtables
compat_argsCompatability Arg Conventions
constr_argsConstructor Arg Conventions
content_tableRetrieve or set Content Table from a TableTree
cutsplitsSplits for cutting by values of a numeric variable
dimensionsTable Dimensions
DMDM data
EmptyColInfoEmpty table, column, split objects
format_rcellConvert the contets of an 'rcell' to a string using the...
gen_argsGeneral Argument Conventions
gfcget formatted cells
indentChange indentation of all rrows in an rtable
indent_stringIndent Strings
in_rowsCreate multiple rows in analysis or summary functions
insert_rrowinsert rrows at (before) a specific location
int_methodscombine SplitVector objects
is_rcell_formatCheck if a format is a valid rcell format
is_rtableCheck if an object is a valid rtable
lab_nameLabel and Name accessors
length-CellValue-methodLength of a Cell value
list_rcell_format_labelsList with valid 'rcell' formats labels grouped by 1d, 2d and...
list_wrapReturns a function that coerces the return values of f to a...
lyt_argsLayouting Function Arg Conventions
make_afunCreate custom analysis function wrapping existing function
make_col_row_dfReturn List with Table Row/Col Paths
make_row_dfMake row and column layout summary data.frames for use during...
manual_colsManual column declaration
ManualSplitManually defined split
matrix_formTransform rtable to a list of matrices which can be used for...
MultiVarSplitSplit between two or more different variables
namesNames of a TableTree
no_infoExported for use in tern
paginatePagination of a TableTree
propose_column_widthsPropose Column Widths of an 'rtable' object
prune_tableRecursively prune a TableTree
rbindrbind TableTree and related objects
rcellCell value constructors
rheaderCreate a header
row_accessorsRow attribute accessors
rowclassesRow classes and constructors
row_paths_summaryPrint Row/Col Paths Summary
rtableCreate a Table
rtinnerDefault tabulation
score_funsScore functions for sorting TableTrees
sf_argsSplit Function Arg Conventions
sort_at_pathSort substructure of a TableTree at a particular Path in the...
split_cols_byDeclaring a column-split based on levels of a variable
split_cols_by_multivarAssociate Multiple Variables with Columns
split_funcsSplit functions
split_rows_byAdd Rows according to levels of a variable
sprintf_formatSpecify a rcell format based on sprintf formattig rules
summarize_row_groupsAdd a content row of summary counts
tabclassesTableTree classes
table_structureSummarize Table
top_leftTop Left Material (Experimental)
toString-VTableTree-methodConvert an 'rtable' object to a string
tree_childrenRetrieve or set the direct children of a Tree-style object
trim_prune_funsTrimming and Pruning Criteria
trim_rowsTrim rows from a populated table without regard for table...
trim_zero_rowsTrim Zero Rows
varcutsSplit on static or dynamic cuts of the data
var_labelsGet Label Attributes of Variables in a 'data.frame'
var_labels_removeRemove Variable Labels of a 'data.frame'
var_labels-setSet Label Attributes of All Variables in a 'data.frame'
VarLevelSplitSplit on levels within a variable
var_relabelCopy and Change Variable Labels of a 'data.frame'
ViewerDispaly an 'rtable' object in the Viewer pane in RStudio or...
with_labelReturn an object with a label attribute
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