Man pages for rtfbs
Transcription Factor Binding Site Identification Tool

as.pointer.msMS To Pointer
build.mmBuild Markov Model to represent sequences in an MS object
calc.fdrCalculate FDR
concat.msConcat MS
from.pointer.msMS From Pointer
gcContent.msGet GC content of each sequence in an MS object
groupByGC.msGroup sequences by GC
is.pointer.msData in R or C
label.matrixName PWM & MM rows and columns
length.msLength of MS object
lengths.msMS sequence lengths
makeFdrPlotPlot FDR
msMultiple Sequence (MS) Objects
names.msMS Sequence Names
offsets.msGet index offsets
open-brace.msExtract, replace, reorder MS
output.sitesThreshold possible binding sites by Score or FDR
print.msPrints an MS (multiple sequence) object. #' @title Printing...
read.mmRead Markov Model from file
read.msReading in sequences from file
read.pwmRead PWM object
rtfbs-packageTranscription Factor Binding Site Identification Tool
score.msScore sequences against a PWM
sequences.msGet sequences
simulate.msGenerate sequence from Markov Model
split.msSplit sequences
summary.msMS Summary
write.mmWrite Markov Model to file
write.msWriting MS Object to FASTA file
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