label.matrix: Name PWM & MM rows and columns

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Given a list of PWM or MM matrices, name the rows and columns (if applicable) This function is used for specifying the names of rows and columns for Markov Models and Position Weight Matrices(PWMs) only. In the case of naming PWMs, set columnsOnly to true, as it doesn't make sense to name the rows of a PWM. The columns are named 'A,C,G,T'. The rows are uniquely named, staring with A going to T If there are more than 4 rows, two characters are used AA, AC..., if more than 16 rows 3 characters are used, and so on.


label.matrix(mat, columnsOnly = FALSE)



Matrix of which have the column and row names populated


Only name the columns, not the rows


Matrix with columns and (rows optional) named

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