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Stochastic Approximation Expectation Maximization (SAEM) Algorithm

coef.saemixExtract coefficients from a saemix fit
conddist.saemixEstimate conditional mean and variance of individual...
cow.saemixEvolution of the weight of 560 cows, in SAEM format
default.saemix.plotsWrapper functions to produce certain sets of default plots
extract-methodsGet/set methods for SaemixData object
fim.saemixComputes the Fisher Information Matrix by linearisation
fitted.saemixExtract Model Predictions
initialize-methodsMethods for Function initialize
llgq.saemixLog-likelihood using Gaussian Quadrature
llis.saemixLog-likelihood using Importance Sampling
logLikExtract likelihood from a saemixObject resulting from a call...
map.saemixEstimates of the individual parameters (conditional mode)
oxboys.saemixHeights of Boys in Oxford
PD1.saemixData simulated according to an Emax response model, in SAEM...
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot
plot-SaemixDataPlot of longitudinal data
plot-SaemixModelPlot model predictions using an SaemixModel object
plot-SaemixObject-methodGeneral plot function from SAEM
predict-methodsMethods for Function predict
print-methodsMethods for Function print
psi-methodsFunctions to extract the individual estimates of the...
read-methodsMethods for Function read
resid.saemixExtract Model Residuals
saemixStochastic Approximation Expectation Maximization (SAEM)...
saemixControlList of options for running the algorithm SAEM
saemixDataFunction to create a SaemixData object
SaemixData-classClass "SaemixData"
saemix.internalInternal saemix objects
saemixModelFunction to create a SaemixModel object
SaemixModel-classClass "SaemixModel"
SaemixObject-classClass "SaemixObject"
saemix-packageStochastic Approximation Expectation Maximization (SAEM)...
saemix.plot.dataFunctions implementing each type of plot in SAEM
saemix.plot.selectPlots of the results obtained by SAEM
saemix.plot.setoptionsFunction setting the default options for the plots in SAEM
saemix.predictCompute model predictions after an saemix fit
SaemixRes-classClass "SaemixRes"
showall-methodsMethods for Function showall
show-methodsMethods for Function show
simul.saemixPerform simulations under the model
sub-SaemixModel-methodGet/set methods for SaemixModel object
sub-SaemixObject-methodGet/set methods for SaemixObject object
sub-SaemixRes-methodGet/set methods for SaemixRes object
subset.SaemixDataData subsetting
summary-methodsMethods for Function summary
testnpdeTests for normalised prediction distribution errors
theo.saemixPharmacokinetics of theophylline, in SAEM format
transformCatCovTransform covariates
transformContCovTransform covariates
validate.namesName validation (## )Helper function not intended to be...
vcovExtracts the Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Model...
yield.saemixWheat yield in crops treated with fertiliser, in SAEM format
z[_--methodsMethods for "set" Function [<-
z[-methodsMethods for "get" Function [
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