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Backward procedure for joint selection of covariates and random effects


Joint selection of covariates and random effects in a nonlinear mixed effects model by a forward-type algorithm based on two different versions of BIC for covariate selection and random effects selection respectively. Selection is made among the covariates as such specified in the SaemixData object. Only uncorrelated random effects structures are considered.


forward.procedure(saemixObject, trace = TRUE)



An object returned by the saemix function


If TRUE, a table summarizing the steps of the algorithm is printed. Default "TRUE"


An object of the SaemixObject class storing the covariate model and the covariance structure of random effects of the final model.


Maud Delattre


M Delattre, M Lavielle, MA Poursat (2014) A note on BIC in mixed effects models. Electronic Journal of Statistics 8(1) p. 456-475 M Delattre, MA Poursat (2017) BIC strategies for model choice in a population approach. (arXiv:1612.02405)

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