Man pages for sasLM
'SAS' Linear Model

afConvert some columns of a data.frame to factors
aov1ANOVA with Type I SS
aov2ANOVA with Type II SS
aov3ANOVA with Type III SS
aspirinCHDAn example data for meta-analysis - aspirin in coronary heart...
BasicUtilInternal Functions
BEdataAn Example Data of Bioequivalence Study
bkBeautify the output of knitr::kable
BYAnalysis BY variable
CIestConfidence Interval Estimation
CollCollinearity Diagnostics
CONTRF Test with a Set of Contrasts
corFisherCorrelation test by Fisher's Z transformation
Cor.testCorrelation test of multiple numeric columns
cSSSum of Square with a Given Contrast Set
CumAlphaCumulative Alpha for the Fixed Z-value
CVCoefficient of Variation in percentage
DiffogramPlot Pairwise Differences
DoEdataExample Datasets
DriftDrift defined by Lan and DeMets for Group Sequential Design
e1Get a Contrast Matrix for Type I SS
e2Get a Contrast Matrix for Type II SS
e3Get a Contrast Matrix for Type III SS
EMSExpected Mean Square Formula
estEstimate Linear Functions
ESTMEstimate Linear Function
estmbEstimability Check
ExitPExit Probability with cumulative Z-test in Group Sequential...
G2SWEEPGeneralized inverse matrix of type 2, g2 inverse
geoCVGeometric Coefficient of Variation in percentage
geoMeanGeometric Mean without NA
GLMGeneral Linear Model similar to SAS PROC GLM
is.corIs it a correlation matrix?
KurtosisSEStandard Error of Kurtosis
LCLLower Confidence Limit
lfitLinear Fit
lrLinear Regression with g2 inverse
lr0Simple Linear Regressions with Each Independent Variable
LSMLeast Square Means
MaxMax without NA
MeanMean without NA
MedianMedian without NA
MinMin without NA
ModelMatrixModel Matrix
mtestIndependent two groups t-test similar to PROC TTEST with...
NNumber of observations
OROdds Ratio of two groups
ORcmhOdds Ratio of two groups with strata by CMH method
ORinvOdds Ratio of two groups with strata by inverse variance...
ORmnOdds Ratio and Score CI of two groups with strata by MN...
ORmn1Odds Ratio and Score CI of two groups without strata by the...
pBPlot Confidence and Prediction Bands for Simple Linear...
Pcor.testPartial Correlation test of multiple columns
pDDiagnostic Plot for Regression
PDIFFPairwise Difference
PocockBoundPocock (fixed) Bound for the cumulative Z-test with a final...
pResDResidual Diagnostic Plot for Regression
QuartileRangeInter-Quartile Range
RanTestTest with Random Effects
RDRisk Difference between two groups
RDinvRisk Difference between two groups with strata by inverse...
RDmnRisk Difference and Score CI between two groups with strata...
RDmn1Risk Difference and Score CI between two groups without...
REGRegression of Linear Least Square, similar to SAS PROC REG
regDRegression of Conventional Way with Rich Diagnostics
RRRelative Risk of the two groups
RRinvRelative Risk of two groups with strata by inverse variance...
RRmnRelative Risk and Score CI of two groups with strata by the...
RRmn1Relative Risk and Score CI of two groups without strata by by...
sasLM-package'SAS' Linear Model
sattSatterthwaite Approximation of Variance and Degree of Freedom
ScoreCIScore Confidence Interval for a Proportion or a Binomial...
SDStandard Deviation
SEMStandard Error of the Sample Mean
seqBoundSequential bounds for cumulative Z-test in Group Sequential...
seqCIConfidence interval with the last Z-value for the group...
SkewnessSEStandard Error of Skewness
SLICEF Test with Slice
SSSum of Square
T3MSType III Expected Mean Square Formula
T3testTest Type III SS using error term other than MSE
tmtestIndependent two means test similar to t.test with summarized...
trimmedMeanTrimmed Mean
tsumTable Summary
tsum0Table Summary 0 independent(x) variable
tsum1Table Summary 1 independent(x) variable
tsum2Table Summary 2 independent(x) variables
tsum3Table Summary 3 independent(x) variables
TTESTIndependent two groups t-test comparable to PROC TTEST
UCLUpper Confidence Limit
UNIVUnivariate Descriptive Statistics
vtestF-Test for the ratio of two groups' variances
WhiteTestWhite's Model Specification Test
ztestTest for the difference of two groups' means
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