Man pages for satin
Visualisation and Analysis of Ocean Data Derived from Satellites

anomalyAnomalies of a satin object
climatologyClimatology of a satin object
cropCut a satin object
dchlChlorophyll concentration sample data - Aqua Modis sensor
dcmemsCopernicus Marine Service sample data
dmapMap of northwest Mexico
dnppOcean Net Primary Production sample data
dsstSST sample data - Aqua Modis sensor
extractPtsExtract ocean data values from a satin object
fmainPosCalculate coordinates for title in plots
imageScaleMake a color scale to accompany an image or other plot
isolinesInterpolate isolines from ocean data
pixelateSpatial re-scaling of ocean data
plot.satinVisualise ocean data
quiverVectors of ocean currents velocities
read.cmemsRead ocean products data from CMEMS
read.ghrsstRead sea surface temperature data from JPL Multi-scale...
read.nasaocRead ocean data from NASA's Oceancolor web files
read.osunppRead ocean productivity data from Oregon State University...
satin-classClass "satin"
satinDataframeReshape a satin object into a data frame
satinMeanAveraging ocean data by time period
satinPaletteDefine custom color palettes for echograms
velocityOcean currents velocities
verticalProfilesCTD-like vertical profiles for Copernicus variables
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