Man pages for semtree
Recursive Partitioning for Structural Equation Models

biodiversityQuantify bio diversity of a SEM Forest
diversityMatrixDiversity Matrix
evaluateAverage Deviance of a Dataset given a Forest
evaluateDataLikelihoodEvaluate Data Likelihood
evaluateTreeEvaluate Tree -2LL
findOtherSplitsFind Other Node Split Values
getHeightDetermine Height of a Tree
getNodeByIdGet Node By Id
getNumNodesTree Size
getTerminalNodesReturns all leafs of a tree
lgcmSimulated Linear Latent Growth Curve Data
mergeMerge two SEM forests
modelEstimatesReturns all estimates of a tree
outliersFind outliers based on case proximity
parametersSEMtrees Parameter Estimates Table
partialDependencePartial Dependence Plot
proximitySEM Forest Case Proximity
prune.semtreePrune a SEM Tree or SEM Forest
seSEMtrees Parameter Estimates Standard Error Table
semforestCreate a SEM Forest
semforest.controlSEM Forest Control Object
semtreeSEM Tree: Recursive Partitioning for Structural Equation...
semtree.constraintsSEM Tree Constraints Object
semtree.controlSEM Tree Control Object
subforestCreates subsets of trees from forests
subtreeSEMtree Partitioning Tool
toTableTabular Representation of a SEM Tree
varimpSEM Forest Variable Importance
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