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A comparative dataset containing traits for 94 alien mammal species ( and a multiphylo object with 101 phylogenies matching the data (alien.phy). Tip labels are the binomial species names and match with data rownames. Data was taken from (Gonzalez-Suarez et al. 2015) and phylogenies from (Fritz et al 2009) and (Kuhn et al 2011).




A data frame with 94 rows and 7 variables:


Alien mammal data: Gonzalez-Suarez, Manuela, Sven Bacher, and Jonathan M. Jeschke. "Intraspecific trait variation is correlated with establishment success of alien mammals." The American Naturalist 185.6 (2015): 737-746 DOI: 10.1086/681105

Downloaded from: Gonzalez-Surez M, Bacher S, Jeschke J (2015) Data from: Intraspecific trait variation is correlated with establishment success of alien mammals. Dryad Digital Repository.

Phylogeny: Kuhn, Tyler S., Arne O. Mooers, and Gavin H. Thomas. "A simple polytomy resolver for dated phylogenies." Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2.5 (2011): 427-436.

Fritz, Susanne A., Olaf RP Bininda-Emonds, and Andy Purvis. "Geographical variation in predictors of mammalian extinction risk: big is bad, but only in the tropics." Ecology letters 12.6 (2009): 538-549.

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